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How to cleanse yourself with incense

Incense Inspiration

How to cleanse yourself with incense

Self-cleansing is one of the most underrated ways to get your positive energy blasting through the roof.  Whether you like to admit it or not, you will meet with different situations, people, and events that will threaten your peace of mind and positivity. You try to stay on the positive side as much as possible but something inside you just tells you that you need more time to yourself and away from everything else to achieve that. That thing inside you is totally right.

incense cleansing

This article will show you some simple steps you can take to cleanse yourself with incense. The power of incense cannot be underestimated when it comes to mind and body cleansing. We will look at why you should consider using incense in the process.

Why use incense?

Depending on your mind, body, and preferences, you can decide to choose any fragrance of incense you feel comfortable with. However, the beautiful effects of incense in cleansing are numerous. Starting from the awesome calmness and aromatic beauty it gives to your environment that keeps your heart and mind more focused on your routines and yourself. Then moving on to the physical benefits that help your body heal.

Healing starts from the mind. When you're able to keep your mind in tune and cleansed using incense, you can then begin to feel improvements in your body. 

Let's move on to some of the ways to cleanse yourself with incense.

Cleansing yourself using incense

Below are some of the things you need to do to keep your body and mind cleansed if you're using incense. Pay attention to the steps. If there's one that doesn't fit properly into your routines, you can have it substituted with something of equal effectiveness.

burning incense cleansing

1. Light an incense that helps your mind to focus

The first and most important step when trying to cleanse yourself with incense is to light an incense stick , Incense coil , or Incense cone . Just have something that fills your room with a fragrance that you're comfortable with. 
This is not the time to try out new incense fragrances. Stick with the one you're used to. One that you have been using or have used before and loved. If you're a rose lover, don't go for agar wood. Stay consistent.

All these incense sticks come in various fragrances. When you visit the page for any of these products, ensure that you click on the drop-down list that lets you select that one fragrance that you're comfortable with. 

There are also several other types of incense items on the site. Just click on the search icon and spell out the exact kind of product you need. 

Rest assured that you will get a product that matches your description.

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2. Always open a window in the room you're performing the cleansing.

This is very simple. It's just like trying to let the pesky housefly out of your home, you need to open an outlet through which it can leave. 
When you're cleansing yourself, you need to accept that the negativity inside you needs to leave you and leave the environment you're living in.

So, the second step to achieving all-round cleansing is to create an outlet for the negativity to escape. Your mind will become too positive for it to stay, your home should also betoo aromatic to have it around.


open window incense

3. Move in a clockwise direction through the space you're cleaning

Psychology experts say that walking around helps you think more deeply. When you have incense around, you're making it even more effective. Walk in a clockwise circle around your environment with the sweet aromatic incense filling the air up with lushness. 
Relax your mind and be more mindful of everything that happens around you.

4. Fill up your mind with positivity

What is the essence of taking part in cleansing with incense when you can't do the most important thing of getting your mind freed from negativity? Stop for a second and try to forget about everything that upset you. Forget about the bills left to pay. Forget about the grudges you have against anyone. Forget about the situations that leave you anxious and just focus on only the things that make you happy.

positive minds

It is not as easy as it sounds. No doubts about that but you must remember that it takes constant practice to achieve it. The more you attempt it, the easier it becomes when in the long run.

5. Repeat the process as often as you can.

Everything listed above from the phase of lighting incense stick, coil, or cone, down to the phase of filling your mind up with positivity isn't going to give you through cleansing on the spot. 
Yes, you will begin to notice that your mind is much freed up and your body is more relaxed but if you really want to chase the negativity away for a very long time, you have to continue to practice these things.

incense minds cleaning

For starters, you can choose to repeat these steps twice every day. As you go further, you can bring it down to once every day, three times a week, once in a week, and so on. 
The basic point here is that you must never allow that negativity to creep into your heart and mind again as it once did.


If you read through this article well enough, you would have come across one or two places where it was mentioned that you have to choose incense sticks that help you focus. Don't go with just anyone that was introduced to you by a friend. The more personalized you make the experience, the better the results you will get.

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