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    What is Incense Holders?

    Incense Holders are items designed to hold incense in place while it holds. For centuries, people have used lots of things as incense holders. In Ancient Egypt, the sorcerer's used kettles to hold incense. There is a necessity for incense holders when incense burners to ensure your safety as well as the optimization of your incense fragrance.

    Incense is an aromatic biotic material that produces an often pleasant smell when burned. The sweet-smelling materials used in the production of incense are often plant-based. Materials such as barks, seeds, resins, flowers, and even roots.

    Incense provides many benefits to the user such as calming effects, providing favorable aromas, and also boosting spiritual practices. Incense can be used during yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and even in tea shops. These developments led to the creation of incense holders.

    Most holders either hold incense sticks or incense cones. Incense stick holders are designed to hold the incense stick which is usually a paste molded around a wooden stick. Materials often used to create incense stick holders are the clay, ceramics, smudge bowls, stone, coil, brass, and wood. Incense holders can be bowl-shaped, flat, curved or even kettle shaped.

    Reasons to Use Incense Holders

    Incense stick holders are extremely useful for several reasons.

    1. Safety - It is much safer to burn incense in an incense stick holder than on just any flat surface. Burning it on random flat surfaces could lead to other items being affected by the flames.
    1. It is cleaner - Incense sticks can get messy especially after they burn. They leave ash around and without an incense holder, the ash gets everywhere. Most incense holders will collect the ash in the bowl or on the surface of the holder.
    1. Optimization - By acquiring an incense holder, you're getting the most out of your incense stick. It's not burning messily therefore you'll get more fragrance out of it.

    While incense burners and incense holders bear similarities, they are not the same thing. Incense burners are items made to burn the incense for you. They can do this in fancy ways like waterfall incense burners and backflow incense burners. The smoke is very visible and often pleasant to watch if you use an incense burner.

    Incense holders on the other are made to hold the incense while it burns. Incense stick holders are often made with simple designs however, companies like Incense Ocean are changing that.

    The Alloy Copper Incense Holder is a bowl-shaped incense holder however, the holder can be removed from the bowl, and the bowl also a cover. You can use those with incense sticks and coils. Check it out right here!