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    Incense Burner

    The use of incense is one we can trace back thousands of years. Incense has been an incredibly helpful material for a vast amount of people from the Pharaohs of Egypt to the rulers of Chinese dynasties. Incense brings many benefits to the table. Benefits that range from spiritual to practical. If you're doubting the usefulness and joys of burning incense then keep reading. Here are five reasons you should be burning incense.

    1- Spirituality - When people hear the word spirituality, they think of monk's or people who meditate for eight hours straight. They think of really quiet people who have figured out the universe. While this is true to an extent, spirituality is way more than that. It would be impractical for the whole word to suddenly back up and move to grasslands. Spirituality is free and open to everyone. Burning incense definitely has many spiritual benefits. Burning incense is a great way to boost your spiritual practices. The ancient Egyptians used to burn incense to chase away bad spirits and demons.

    2- Creativity - For most creatives, the atmosphere is an important aspect of how they practice their craft. You might have an idea but the atmosphere just feels off. This could disrupt your flow or train of thought. When this happens it's often difficult to pick up right where you left. Burning incense is a great way to set the atmosphere. There are many fragrances to try out. Purchasing cool incense burners could also fuel your creativity. There are many companies like Incense Ocean who offer really amazing and symbolic incense burners at affordable prices.

    3- Practical Uses - Believe it or not, incense is actually a great alternative for deodorant and air fresheners. You can purchase incense cones for these purposes.

    4- Aromatherapy- Aromatherapy is a practice in which incense, essential oils and other organic aromatic materials are used as a form of therapy. Burning incense is a simple way to indulge yourself in a personal and private aromatherapy class. It's calming and it does wonders for your mood. To properly try this out, consider purchasing incense holders or incense burners specifically backflow incense burners as they disperse quickly. Incense Ocean has an amazing collection of incense burners with rich symbolism.

    5- Improves yoga + meditation - Burning incense is a great way to improve your yoga practice as well as your meditation practice. Getting seated and more comfortable in your space/body will help you enjoy your practices. Burning incense will help you feel calmer and clearer.

    Incense Ocean offers a wide array of incense waterfall burners, incense holders and all things incense.