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    Incense Coils

    Incense is an aromatic material. This means it releases pleasing aromas when lit. Incense Coils are a type of incense made with coils and incense paste. They are often made with metal coils that are either soaked or lathered with the incense mixture and essence. 

    Incense Coils have a flat base with several levels of coils. This can be anywhere from five to eight coils. They are not a very popular variant of Incense Burners.

    In terms of popularity, they do not get as much recognition as incense cones or incense sticks. This is quite a shame because incense coils are a great and cost-effective incense type.

    How Are Incense Coils Made?

    Incense coils are made with incense paste. The base of incense contains roots from trees, the outermost layer of trees such as the bark, flowers, seeds, and resin. Resin is a compound found in trees.

    Incense Coils is the compound that enables injury recovery in plants and trees. It is a white liquid substance that comes out from plants or trees when a part of it gets cut off. When exposed to air resin hardens and this is when we can use it to make incense.

    Finally, we have the combustible base which can either be petroleum-based or charcoal-based. The combustible base is essential because it is what gives incense the flammable quality.

    Once the incense paste is created, the coils are then immersed in the incense essence. This is how Incense Coils are made.

    How to Burn Incense Coils

    This is a step-by-step guide on how to safely burn.

    1. The first thing to do is select a location. The best location would be one that is not in direct contact with the window. Your incense coils should not be opposite the wind flow. This will lead to the incense aroma going to waste. You want to make sure it is beside the airflow that goes Into your space or room not out the window.

    2. Once you've selected your location you will find a flat and stable surface. This can be on the ground but it should not be too close to the window. This is to avoid smoke stains on the wall. You want to pick a surface that will not facilitate the spread of smoke and ashes. This will make the cleanup of ashes much faster and easier.

    3. Once your set-up is ready you'll take your incense coils and place them on your chosen surface.

    4. Light the tip or the end of the coil.

    5. Wait 5-7 seconds for the flame to gain some momentum.

    6. Blow out the flame. Do not use water to douse the flame. Your coil should not be damp in any way. This will only reduce the quality.

    7. Finally, you're free to enjoy your Coils pleasing aroma.

    Benefits of Incense Coils

    1. Incense coils are great for larger spaces. If you are interested in aromatherapy then they are perfect. They permeate the air for much longer which makes them great for aromatherapy sessions. If you have a family room or a restaurant then incense is a great option for keeping the air clear and pleasant.

    2. The average incense coil burns for two hours. If you prefer incense that burns and smells longer then try incense coils.

    3. They are also a favored option during religious events.

    Benefits of Burning Incense

    1. Burning incense helps to foster creativity. If you're struggling with creativity and getting new ideas, you can burn incense coils with lavender scents.

    2. Burning incense is a great way to intensify your spiritual practice. Practices like meditation and yoga are all intensified by the use of incense.

    3. Burning incense is great for relaxation. If you need to relax and unwind, burning incense is extremely helpful. Burning incense helps people relax because of the scents. Certain scents are more suited for relaxation. Sweet scents like sandalwood, rosemary, and lavender.

    4. Burning incense can be used to aid concentration. If you need to concentrate you can burn a scent like Frankincense to help you concentrate.

    5. Incense also has energetic benefits. This is present in sexual energy, spiritual energy, and physical energy. If you're struggling with any of these burning incense can be helpful.

    Incense Ocean provides incense coils of the best quality. Our incense quality comes in several scents and several varieties. If you've never tried out these coils before and find them fascinating, we recommend our lavender and sandalwood incense coil for beginners. Incense coils provide a concentrated amount of your chosen scent so you can start with milder and sweeter scents.