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How To Use The Incense Box? Some Safety Measures You Need To Know

Incense Inspiration

How To Use The Incense Box? Some Safety Measures You Need To Know

Incense sticks have been popularly used among religions for years. It's also used for various purposes today, including improving one’s health. Recently, it's also been used in homes and even offices to serve as an air freshener or deodorant. Incense boxes allow you to keep incense sticks in style. It's made of wood and has tiny holes borne in the lid, which allows the aromatic smoke out and fill the air. 

It also comes in various designs, serving as some decoration for your home. Knowing how to burn an incense stick and use the box properly is essential. If done improperly, it could damage, especially if close to inflammatory materials.

Let’s go through everything you should know about Incense, how to use an incense box correctly, and the safety measures you should consider.

• What is Incense?

• The benefit of Incense.

• Ways To Use An Incense Box Safely.

• Safety measures to consider when using an Incense box.

What Is Incense?

Incense is an aromatic material that brings out fragrant smoke when burnt. It is used for various reasons such as religious reasons, meditation, aromatherapy, ceremonies, or even as an air freshener or insect repellent. They are usually made of some plants mixed with some essential oils.

Benefits of using Incense

Incense made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils has tons of health benefits. The following are the main benefits of using Incense.

• Increases calm and focus:

Incense made with essential oils like peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and citrus can help to improve mental health and focus skills. In a nutshell, it calms the state of mind. Whether your rituals are long, complex, or simple, light some incense and let it fill the air as you meditate.

• Reduce stress and anxiety:

Incense can also help to reduce anxiety and stress. Lavender oil is one essential oil that can reduce stress. Scientific studies have proven this.

• Aid sleep:

 Lavender oil also helps to aid sleep and reduce insomnia. If you have insomnia, you can try burning Incense with Lavender essential oil before going to bed. It will help you sleep off faster.

• Helps in yoga or meditation practice:

Incense is used for yoga practice and meditation. Some of the essential oils used helps to reduce stress and increase focus. It allows for those who practice yoga and for meditation. You can include burning Incense in your yoga or meditation routine to help improve your mental state.

• Boosts a creative mind:

Incense can also help to improve one’s creativity. It helps to clear out and stimulate the mind, which opens the mind to be more creative.

Serves as a deodorant:

Most Incenses have a pleasant and lovely smell which you can enjoy. It can be used as homes and even offices to give the Atmosphere a pleasant scent. Its beautiful aroma can help make one more joyful and boost mood. Try using Incense for your pleasure and gain many other benefits.

How to safely use an incense box

Step one; Get your incense burner and put it where you want it to be. Ensure it's a safe place, not too close to inflammatory materials, and out of kids' reach to avoid any damage.

Step two; choose your fragrance of choice. It could be in the form of a stick or cone.

Step three; get a match stick or lighter or whatever source of fire you can use to light up your rod or cone.

Step four; Blow the flame out. It would leave behind smokes that will continuously come out till the stick or cone dies out. Please do not leave the flame too long before blowing it out, and it could make the rod or cone die fast.

Step five; keep your Incense sticks or cones inside your incense box, then close the lid. The fragrance will make its way through the holes of the incense box and fill the air.

Safety measures to consider when using an Incense box

• Keep sticks or cones out of the reach of children: if kept carelessly, they could lead to unexpected damage or injury. You should keep the rod or cone far away from them, so they don't touch it cause it leads to injury and hurts.

• Try to blow out the flame before putting it in the incense box. You don't want the wooden box to catch and spread fire, right? Even if it's a little flame, it could apply with time and lead to some catastrophic ending, so make sure the flames are blown out before being kept in the incense box.

• Do not light up your incense sticks or cone close to inflammatory materials or explosives like fuel. Make sure the area is safe for fire to be used.

• Do not touch the part of the incense stick or cone that is lit. Even though there are no physical flames, they can be excruciating and cause injury. Please make sure the kids don't also go near it.

• Always place your Incense in a ventilated area. Ensure that there is a source of fresh air like an open window.

• Meet a medical professional before using Incense I'm case you have some medical conditions that could affect your health eventually.


Incense has been used for various purposes and is still being used today. It gives out a pleasant fragrance, but it also helps in general body health. It would be best to try using Incense, and you can gain a lot. Using an incense box isn’t as complicated as it may seem.

You need to follow some basic easy steps and some safety measures to ensure your and your kids' safety. You can try out using all Natural ingredients Incense to help improve your mental health, reduce stress, boost calmness and even boost your mood.

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