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The use of incense is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. Incense is therapeutic, calming, and pragmatic. The use of incense ranges from aromatherapy to insect repelling. Incense is an affordable way to make your home or room a center of peace and tranquility. The outside world is often chaotic and tumultuous, it is important for us to create safe spaces where we feel free to relax and connect with our inner and higher selves.

Incense burners are accessories that help you burn incense is a functional yet aesthetically pleasing way. Incense burners come in various styles and shapes, there are traditional coil burners, bowl-shaped burners, and even boat shaped burners. Without wasting too much of your time, let's take a look at some of the best incense burners out there. 

Spacekeeper Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder- Spacekeeper's Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder is an incense burner that holds cones and incense sticks. It is also a waterfall burner which means the smoke cascades down the outline of the burner. This is a great and affordable incense burner.

Incense Ocean Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner with Cover-  This incense burner is a beautiful mixture of two earthy elements - ceramics and wood. This burner was inspired by eastern templesIt is a jug style burner with a little ceramic cup that collects the incense smoke.

The jug itself is transparent and stands on a beautiful wooden stool. You'll get to see your incense travel in style before dispersing into your space. Incense ocean has some of the most beautiful incense burners available.

Incense Ocean Yoga Girl Incense Cones Burner- The yoga incense cone burner is a soothing and therapeutic image. The girl sits by a small stream bordered by a huge rock. The cone sits at the top of the rock and the smoke runs slowly down the rock into the stream before entering the air. This is a great burner for huge spaces like yoga studios or aromatherapy appointments. It's also great for meditation classes.

Incense Ocean Creative Dragon Incense Burner- The creative dragon incense burner is a great burner for those trying to foster the spirit of creativity. The burner itself is a feat of creativity. The dragon is wrapped around the stream, guarding it against any bad omens. All the smoke that emanates from this burner is fortified with the power and creativity of the mighty dragon guarding the stream.

Incense Ocean Ceramic Water Backflow Incense Burner - If you're a fan of backflow burners then this is the one for you. The ceramic water backflow is a mix of browns. It is a stone wall with little bowls embedded into it and a stream to collect the smoke. This burner is extremely soothing to the eye and for the mind.

Incense Ocean Ceramic Dragon Backflow Incense Burner - Incense Ocean is extremely dedicated to the visual appearance of their burners. This is what sets that apart of the rest. This ceramic dragon backflow burner is a testament to their exceptional work. If you're a fan of dragon imagery, this is the perfect incense burner for you. The dragon is captured just as it lands on a beautiful stream surrounded by stone. This symbol of strength and courage is perfect for days where you need motivation and reassurance.

Backflow Incense Burner Dragon- The backflow incense burner dragon is a beautiful burner that is well suited for large spaces. The smoke comes out of the dragon's mouth reminiscing the puffs of smoke an actual dragon would release. The incense burner is a muted brown that will blend in perfectly with most backgrounds. If you need an affordable incense burner that looks cool and disperses the smoke quickly, check out this burner.

Elephant Statue Waterfall Incense Burner - In Buddhism, the elephant is regardedas sacred and a symbol of good luck. It is also associated with Queen Māyā of Sakya who is the mother of Gautama Buddha. This burner has the elephant connected to the stream. This symbolises the ever giving nature of the elephant. The cone or stick is placed at the centre of the elephant before it enters the air. 

Ceramic Buddha Backflow Incense Burner - The design of this incense burner is exceptional. It is a bigger Buddha head with the palms cupped. On Buddha's outstretched palms, he holds a smaller human being. When the incense is lit, the smoke comes out of Buddha's mouth and surrounds the human Buddha holds. This is the ultimate symbol of protection.

ceramic buddha incense holder