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What is Incense Holders?

Incense Holders are items designed to hold incense in place while it holds. For centuries, people have used lots of things as incense holders. In Ancient Egypt, the sorcerer's used kettles to hold incense. There is a necessity for incense holders when incense burners to ensure your safety as well as the optimization of your incense fragrance.

Incense is an aromatic biotic material that produces an often pleasant smell when burned. The sweet-smelling materials used in the production of incense are often plant-based. Materials such as barks, seeds, resins, flowers, and even roots.

Incense provides many benefits to the user such as calming effects, providing favorable aromas, and also boosting spiritual practices. Incense can be used during yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and even in tea shops. These developments led to the creation of incense holders.

Most holders either hold incense sticks or incense cones. Incense stick holders are designed to hold the incense stick which is usually a paste molded around a wooden stick. Materials often used to create incense stick holders are the clay, ceramics, smudge bowls, stone, coil, brass, and wood. Incense holders can be bowl-shaped, flat, curved or even kettle shaped.

Reasons to Use Incense Holders

Incense stick holders are extremely useful for several reasons.

  1. Safety - It is much safer to burn incense in an incense stick holder than on just any flat surface. Burning it on random flat surfaces could lead to other items being affected by the flames.
  1. It is cleaner - Incense sticks can get messy especially after they burn. They leave ash around and without an incense holder, the ash gets everywhere. Most incense holders will collect the ash in the bowl or on the surface of the holder.
  1. Optimization - By acquiring an incense holder, you're getting the most out of your incense stick. It's not burning messily therefore you'll get more fragrance out of it.

While incense burners and incense holders bear similarities, they are not the same thing. Incense burners are items made to burn the incense for you. They can do this in fancy ways like waterfall incense burners and backflow incense burners. The smoke is very visible and often pleasant to watch if you use an incense burner.

Incense holders on the other are made to hold the incense while it burns. Incense stick holders are often made with simple designs however, companies like Incense Ocean are changing that.

The Alloy Copper Incense Holder is a bowl-shaped incense holder however, the holder can be removed from the bowl, and the bowl also a cover. You can use those with incense sticks and coils. Check it out right here!


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    Alloy Copper Incense Holder

    You can use the Alloy Copper Incense Holder as a fantastic art decoration, or you can use it as a container to hold your incense. This incense holder is made...

    Wooden Incense Holder

    This smooth, exquisitely-made wooden incense holder is a great treasure for storing your favorite incenses, especially if you love practicality, simplicity, and unembellished beauty. Big and wide enough, it doesn't matter...

    Alloy Retro Incense Holder

    $39.99 $31.95
    Light Bronze
    Our Alloy Retro Incense holders are made of exquisite Nepalese metal and every single one of them doubles as an incense holder and as a fascinating work of art for...

    Lotus Flower Sandalwood Censer Incense Holder

    Red Copper
    Have a taste of beauty with the Lotus Flower Sandalwood Censer Incense Burner. In a choice of three colors (gold, red copper, or bronze), this censer incense burner is of...

    Ceramic Incense Holder

    $25.99 $16.95
    When you purchase our Ceramic incense burner, you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind, exceptional piece of modern art that has been created by skilled artisans. The Ceramic incense burner, available in...

    Chinese Classical Ceramic Incense Holder

    $34.99 $32.95
    This traditional but exquisite Chinese-style ceramic incense holder is perfect for storing your favorite incense. It is a solidly-made piece of art that is guaranteed to last long. Beyond durability, this Chinese Classical Ceramic Incense...

    Mini Lotus Flower Incense Sticks Holder

    Having Incense holders from Incense Ocean ensures your landscape doesn't give a messy appeal overall. The functionality of our classic pieces is extremely versatile- from using it during meditation to...

    Marble Coil Censer Incense Burner Copper Cover Ceramic

    This marble coil incense burner adopts distinctive high-temperature kiln transformation technology. It has a beautiful and smooth appearance. You can use it as an incense burner, home decoration, or as...

    Wheel of Destiny Incense Holder

    $29.99 $18.95
    Introducing the Destiny Wheel Holder, the perfect mix of symbolic and effective. This design may be smaller but it is a precious one. This incense holder design is motivated by...

    Chinese Hanging Backflow Incense Holder

    $89.99 $62.95
    If you like simplicity and elegance rolled into one, you will love the Chinese Hanging Backflow Incense Holder. An incense holder made entirely out of durable metal, it provides perfect storage...

    Mini Backflow Incense Holder

    Happiness comes in tiny packages. Such is the story of our Mini Backflow Incense Holder. Intricate design, miniature elements, and compact size make this Incense Holder a perfect piece to...

    Minimalist Black Incense Stick Holder

    Whether it's a long day at work or a Sunday you've waited for, Incense Sticks are the best way to ease into a calming hour. With fragrances that calm your...

    Ceramic Leaves Incense Holder

    When you do get yourself some aromatic accessories, it’s necessary to find something that holds it together! That is an Incense Holder. This Incense Holder is crafted with high-quality materials like Ceramic...

    Nepalese Classic Metal Incense Holder

    $37.99 $34.95
    Light Bronze
    The Buddhist art of Nepal is an intricate, stunning, and deeply emotional kind of art, and this is the feeling we want to invoke in you when you purchase and use our Nepalese Classic...