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    Incense Sticks

    If you've never heard of incense sticks then let's introduce you to the most popular incense burner variant in the world. These sticks are found everywhere. There have been incensing sticks used in movies, tv shows, and even music videos. They are simple and the design makes them inconspicuous and easy to transport.

    If you're a first-time user of incense then we'll advise you to start with incense sticks. They are not wide and of average length. You can carry them around easily and they are easy to use.

    History of Incense 

    Incense is a critical part of the history of spirituality. Ever since Ancient Egypt, incense has been used for spiritual and religious reasons. The very first, incense sticks were used to repel evil spirits from the Egyptian royalty and the temples of Egyptian gods and goddesses.

    In Ancient ChinaCool Incense Burner was burnt in religious temples as a part of a tradition and for the religious significance, it held and continues to hold.

    In modern times the use of incense has diversified. We now use incense for alternative therapy and aesthetic purposes. You've probably encountered incense aromas without realizing it. They are used in public spaces because they produce potent and prominent fragrances. The use of incense is popular and widespread and Incense sticks have been at the forefront of the popularity of incense.

    This is not the only type of incense. We also have incense cones which are tightly packed cones on incense. We have incense coils as well as incense powder. They are by far the simplest and most popular of the incense varieties.

    What Are Incense Sticks Made From?

    Incense sticks are made from the incense solution and the stick. The stick used is usually a bamboo stick. This is because bamboos are surplus, lightweight, and just the perfect balance with dry and wet. They are soaked in the incense solution.

    Incense is made from bark, seeds, flowers, root, resin, and a combustible base. These ingredients are used to create and make the incense solution. The bamboo sticks are then soaked in the incense solution for a few hours to absorb the fragrance and the solution into the wood. This is how incense sticks are made.

    How to Use Incense Sticks

    1. Before lighting up the incense Sticks you have to pick a good spot. The reason a good spot is necessary is because of the flow of air. The flow of air determines how potent or subtle your incense fragrance is.

    If it is facing the flow of air then it'll probably drive the fragrance deeper into the room. If it is opposing the flow then the fragrance is driven out the window. You want to ensure that it is not in between two windows as well.

    2. Once you select a spot, you will then pick a flat surface far away from fabric, paper, plastic, or any flammable objects. This is important because you don't want anything catching on fire. 

    Safety is extremely important which is why we recommend purchasing an incense holder. You can find incense holders on our site at very affordable prices. Your incense holder can be simple or it could be a fancy design depending on what catches your fancy. Incense holders are also an easier way to collect the ashes of the incense sticks.

    3. The next step is to place your incense sticks correctly on your incense holder or flat surface. If it is on a flat surface ensure the tip you intend to light is on the edge of the flat surface.

    4. You grab your lighter and then light the tip of the sticks. Do not light the middle of the stick, however, you can light either end.

    5. Wait 5-7 seconds and then blow out the flame.

    6. Your incense stick will begin to release your chosen fragrance a few minutes later. 

    Benefits of Incense Sticks 

    1. These sticks are easy to use and much easier to clean compared to other variants of incense.

    2. Incense sticks are safer and better for beginners. They do not necessarily need equipment and can be burnt safely by beginners.

    3. They are the perfect length for meditation. The average incense sticks burn for 25 to 30 minutes which is the recommended time for spiritual meditation.

    If you're interested in meditation then you can practice meditating for the length of time the incense lasts.

    Incense is a great way to encourage relaxation, relieve stress, and combat feelings of anxiety and sadness. Here at Incense Ocean, you can find the best incense sticks. They are available in the best quality as well and they come in a diverse number of fragrances.