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Are incense bad for dogs?

Incense Inspiration

Are incense bad for dogs?

To everyone living, you all know that dogs help to make their lives better. It could be a result of the unconditional love or the affection of having a living being that's so happy whenever we come home. There is so much to love when you have dogs. 

Today we would be talking about if dogs like incense or not. Suppose these incense are good or bad for dogs. 

Some puppies are more substantial than other dogs. This means dog owners are trying to find various ways to make or enhance the smell of their homes. There are various options that one could select from, but the choice many people select is incense. 

sittings dogs different breads

Is it safe to burn incense close to a dog? 

Generally speaking, incense is known to be harmful when used close to dogs. Apart from the fact that the smell of incense might feel irritating to a dog because I'm sure you know dogs have a solid sense of smell. For your dog to inhale smoke could cause some mild respiratory symptoms. It could also irritate the lungs of your sensitive dog. Using careful placement and enough ventilation, you could quickly reduce the impact incense would have on your dogs.

We would now talk about things you should know about dogs and incense. 

incense smokes

Reasons incense is not suitable for your Dogs. 

There are a variety of reasons which would make you prevent yourself from using incense whenever your dog’s see close by. 

List of the reasons incense isn’t good for the dog;

1. Risks from inhaling smoke 

Inhaling the smoke that comes out of your incense isn't good for both your dog and yourself. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) made everyone know in a 2001 report that incense smoke could be a high source of particulate emissions available in indoor air. 

These particulates are created when you burn incense. They could gather in the respiratory tract of either you or your dog; these different emissions could have contaminants that could cause various health effects. These health effects include airborne dermatitis and mutagenic effects. 

sleeping dog on the floor

Smoke could go and make your air passages, and your lungs inflamed. This leads to a reduced amount of oxygen entering your body system. For dogs with lore sensitive and smaller lungs than humans have, this problem would be way more and would cause severe issues than it would cause us, humans. 

2. Irritating Smells 

On top of various health issues, burning incense could make your dog irritable. This might be as a result of your dog not being a fan of the scent of the incense you're making use of. 

Your dog has an extreme sense of smell. Dog experts state that these dogs sense of smell is highly acute. Some of them state that they could sense the smell of a bit of amount of sugar that's inside vast pools of water. The noses of dogs are very sensitive, and any slight smell might make them extremely frustrated. 

 Irritating Smells

3. There could be a fire risk.

Whenever you have an open flame in your apartment, there’s that fire risk you need to think about. An open flame that's close to your delighted dog's tail could lead to a lot of trouble if you aren't careful.

How could you safely use incense if you have dogs around 

If you are a colossal incense fan and you want to burn some in your apartment, you could utilize some of these precautions to make this practice very safe for you and your lovely dog. 

List of things to do to use incense around your dog safely. 

1. You could make use of quality incense.

There are various incense types, smells and brands in the market. It is encouraged that you go to the market and select incense that's made of high quality.

Natural Short Stick Incense
Natural Short Stick Incense
Natural Short Stick Incense

2. Try using traditional incense.

Typically, both you and your dog should not be smelling and breathing in any chemicals that are dipped inside incense. If you want to burn incense, you should try using traditional incense for your apartment. This burns cleaner than the other artificial types of incense. It is healthy for both your pet and you.

3. Make sure there's a lot of ventilation.

As you burn your incense, you should make sure that your apartment has more than enough ventilation. Smoke is one of the main culprits behind a variety of health issues. It would be best if you let almost all the smoke out of the apartment as much as possible. You need to open up your windows and allow the smoke to go out and let in the fresh air.

home ventilation open window

4. Don’t trap your dog in the same room with incense alone

For incense lovers, you might want to leave your incense burning and go out so you'll come back and have a well-refreshed apartment. But that isn't recommended.

In addition, make sure you don’t trap your dog inside the same room as the incense that’s burning. As you make sure that your homes are appropriately ventilated, you shouldn’t lock your dog inside the same space along with the burning incense. There needs to be a lot of space between your dog and the incense so they could roam free without inhaling any smoke, and they could quickly get away from smoke whenever they would like.


Incense is generally bad for dogs. It is terrible for them because dogs have a sensitive nose that gets to pick every single little thing. But if you are a strong incense fan, you could use incense and protect your beautiful dogs in several ways. You could protect them by making sure you never leave them in the space that incense is burning, and if you must do this, you make sure that the incense that is burning is high above, where your dogs cannot get close to. Use traditional and quality incense too. The types that blow clean air. And make sure there’s more than enough ventilation.

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