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Incense For Love

Incense Inspiration

Incense For Love

We all know that incense is a beautiful tool one could use to increase their romantic or lovely experience with their loved ones. 

Incense is an overlooked and incredible tool when one wants to fall in love with someone else incredibly. It works very well when you set the tune of your external environment. Whenever incense is turned on, everything around you calms down and settles. Before you know it, no one would tell you that it is time to get started with your partner or lover. 

incense for love

If you use resins, burn herbs, smudge sticks, cones, and stick incense, it does not matter. It doesn't matter if you make your incense by yourself. You could harness all of the power from incense and do some excellent love fragrance and love magic for and make your environment great simultaneously. 

Incense has a lot more than a pleasant scent

Typically, incense is used, and it has been used to change your environment to a peaceful and calm place. Whenever one wants to fall in love or whenever you want to get in the mood, it doesn't matter if you are genuinely in love with someone or you want to have romantic or sexual relations with them. Incense works well. Incense could supercharge the amount of love energy around as you connect to the incense in the presence of your lover.

incense for love

Incense helps you focus all of your romantic intentions in a loving way

There are some steps you need to follow when you want to burn incense. Just performing these steps could take one out of their day-to-day consciousness and then put them in a mental space that can ultimately empower all of one's intentions. The ritual of lighting the incense brings one to an alright, mindful, and romantic presence.

Types of Incense one could use for love.

If you want to get in the mood with your partner or your lover, you could make use of incense sticks, cones, herbal incense, and loose incense. All of these have very different levels, and you need to be on board for you to be appropriately present mindfully. Some of these are highly involved. Some of these also have various conscious steps which you would need to do. Creating or making your natural incense from scratch, like lighting incense charcoal and then using herbs that would burn for a specific amount of time to give you the comfortable feel you desire, are all very intense and crafty. There are various ways, like lighting an incense stick or cone, which are very simple.

incense burnng

What are the various ways you could make use of incense for love?

You could use incense and change your external space into sexy, passionate energy whenever you burn incense inside your room or an outdoor area. You can not only fill your space with some beautiful fragrant scents, but you could also fill it with all of your romantic intentions.

You might desire to burn your love incense in your room. You could call your partner and allow them properly inhale the scent for you to get the energy and sexual reaction you desire. Whenever you burn your scented candles and key, the smoke permeates your furniture, curtains, rugs, and the walls of your space. You are infusing your room literally with unconditional love and romantic intention. Whenever anyone or you perceive the scent of your room, or they touch something that the smoke has touched, you or they would be coming directly in contact with the love intention. 

incense for sexual intention

Use Incense to clear Energies

You could make use of incense to clear out stuck, old energy for romance and make beautiful ways for a very fresh start.

You can use incense to bring the energy you desire, and you could also use it to cleanse and clear out spaces of unwanted energy. If there were an argument between you and your partner in a room at any point in time, it would be a great time to turn on some incense. The incense would help clear the air, clear the space and make sure that all of the bad energy washes out. You could make use of incense to also clear out memories of your ex from your apartment. You could use incense-like lemon verbena, camphor, sage, and rue, which would help clear your space and create a brand new start. 

You could smudge yourself and then clear off all of the love funk and bring in fresh supplies of magnetism. 

Another way you could make use of incense for love is to smudge yourself, making use of either an incense stick or a smudge stick. Using a smudge stick is a great way whenever you feel like you have ancient issues that prevent you from having beautiful romantic love in your life. Or whenever you feel you cannot let go of an ex, you want to wash your body, soul, and spirit off that person by having an incense bath. 

incense energy

Also, you might desire to create an incense aura around yourself before you go out. This way, smudging could also easily do the trick.

You could either have yourself or have someone else hold your incense sticks. You could smudge these sticks some few inches away from your skin and then move them around your entire body, which is also known as your auric field. You should make use of a free hand and then wave the Incense smoke all around your body.

It is recommended that you push this smoke upwards around your body. If you are bringing in good things or pushing them down, you want to clear out negative things properly. 


Incense works wonderfully when you are in love. That calm and peaceful environment and space you desire with your partner and lover can be gotten as easily and as quickly as possible. Get yourself and your partner some incense today. Both you and your partner would find love, have fun and enjoy the entire time you would be spending together.

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