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Incense has a really deep and strong cultural heritage. Incense has always been tied tightly to spirituality and wellness. Incense is used during yoga, meditation, and other spiritual plus religious practices. The use of incense is believed to have protective properties that guard users against evil spirits and demons.

incense and yoga

A cone incense burner is a special burner that is used to burn cone-shaped incense. These burners were created to burn cone-shaped incense because of the way cone-shaped incense is packaged. The incense is packed tightly into a ball therefore cone incense burners are best suited for the job. Cone incense burners come in various shapes, colors and sizes. They look like incense burners from the exterior however the interior is very different.

Cone incense burners usually have a particular space where the cone should be placed. It's important to burn cone-shaped incense properly in order to minimize the chances of any accidents. Cone-shaped incense is great for beginners and experts. If you've never tried cone-shaped incense you definitely should. You can get some from Incense Ocean at very affordable prices.

Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner with Cover
Ceramic Sun Wukong Backflow Incense Burner
Dragon Incense Cone Burner

Cone incense is called so because of their shape. They are actually shaped like cones. A cone has the incense materials packed tightly into the shape. If you're not a fan of the smell of wood then you should opt for cone-shaped incense over the traditional incense sticks. Cone-shaped incense is a great alternative as well as a wonderful incense type. It burns just as long and has a strong fragrance due to the tightly packed design. 

The fragrance starts smelling almost immediately you start burning it in a cone incense burner. Cone-shaped incense is popular in larger spaces like tea shops and yoga studios. In these shops they are usually burned with all sorts of cone incense burners to increase their circulation and have stronger fragrances.

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incense cones

1. Cone-shaped incense is often compared to stick incense. They both have different benefits and are not the same.

2. Cone-shaped incense is tightly packed and must be burned with a cone incense burner. Stick incense on the other hand can be placed on an incense burner or even an incense holder.

3. Cone-shaped incense lasts just as long as stick incense. There is a misconception that stick incense lasts significantly longer than cone-shaped incense. This is not true. They both last around the same amount of time.

4. Cone-shaped incense is much easier to clean up because of the equipment. Everyone who burns incense knows that the ash can be annoying to deal with. If you're not a fan of ash then consider cone-shaped incense and cone incense burners. The ash stays in the burner and doesn't fly or spread around.

5. Cone-shaped incense does not have the wooden smell stick incense does. Stick incense has a wooden core hence the smell of wood-burning while cone incense does not. If you're not a fan of wood-burning smells definitely try out cone incense.

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burning incense cones

Cone incense burners are easy to use. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use cone incense burners.

1. Once you get your cone incense burner ensure it is clean and dry. Make sure there's no moisture like water or worse fuel close to it.

2. Pick a spot to place your cone incense burner. You want to pick a place where you can see your cone incense burner because the visuals are often very nice to look at. Also, make sure it's not directly in front of a window.

3. Place your cone in the indicated spot on your incense cone burner.

4. You can place it anyway you like whether the top or the bottom. It doesn't really matter.

5. Light the top or whatever point of the cone that's facing up.

6. Let the top burn for a few seconds. Anywhere between 5 to 10 seconds is alright. Make sure it doesn't exceed that time frame or else it just goes to waste.

7. Blow or fan the flame out. Make sure it's no longer in flames.

8. When this is done the top of the cone will still be lit but it will no longer be in flames.

9. After this, you're all done. Your cone will begin to produce your selected fragrance and you're free to enjoy the visuals and the fragrance.

Cone incense burners are the best to use if you're burning an incense cone. They're not just well suited but also safer for you. The cones last longer, there's little to no ash spreading around and the visuals are awesome to see. Cone incense burners are the best options for incense cones.

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yoga girl incense burner

If you run a crystal shop, tea shop, yoga studio, or any business related to spirituality, try out cone incense burners to secure your space and provide positive energy. Check out our Dragon Incense cone burner for a beautiful vision of a dragon letting out delicate wisps of smoke into the air.

For our yogi's, the Yoga girl incense cone burner is perfect to help you settle into your yoga practice. The image of a yogi practicing in front of a stream of incense smoke is spiritual and beautiful to see. Try out these cone incense burners from Incense Ocean today to feed your spiritual practice.