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How long does Palo Santo Burn?

Incense Inspiration

How long does Palo Santo Burn?

It is a tree from Ecuador, Peru, and countries from the Southern Part of America. It grows in parched tropical forests, and it produces resins that are quite fragrant. In Spanish, it means Holy Wood. 

This piece will be talking about the amount of time it takes for Palo Santo to burn. But before we let you know all about that, we will talk about other things like its benefits and all you need to know about Palo Santo. Let us continue. 

Palo Santo benefits

Palo Santo has a variety of therapeutic and medicinal benefits. It has been reported that it could do some of the following;

palo santo burning

1. It can easily Repel Mosquitoes.

Known traditionally, Palo Santo has been widely used to get rid of mosquitoes. It also fights flies, termites, and ants.

There might be some severe merits to these claims. As stated by a study from the year 2012, palo santo has essential oil mainly composed of things like limonene. Limonene is a substance that has properties that insects dislike. Also known as insecticide properties. 

However, there is no thick evidence that correctly supports this benefit. More research would be done to fully know the exact ways Palo Santo affects insects like ants, mosquitoes, and flies. 

palo santo burning

2. It helps in reducing pain. 

Another benefit of Palo Santo is to relieve pain. Several people that make use of Palo Santo use it to treat various forms of pain. These pain sources include illnesses and sicknesses like Throat Pain, Headache, and Arthritis.

This effect might also be associated with limonene. A review from 2017 stated that these substances have pain-relieving properties, which were backed up by anti-inflammatory properties. 

Limonene helps in the provision of relief by entering and controlling various pathways available in our neuronal systems. This was checked from animals in the year 2016.

There isn’t any hard proof that palo santo has such an effect, though. The benefits available from here are nothing but anecdotal and theoretical. So again, like the previous benefit, additional research is necessary. 

hand hold palo santo

What are the uses of Palo Santo?

It depends on the form of Palo Santo. It is used in various ways.

It is used by inhalation when one goes through the aromatherapy process. This technique is usually used when one meditates, performs yoga, or handles a variety of other stress-relieving activities.

This oil could be easily applied to one's skin. These techniques are used when one wants to treat pain.

How to make use of Palo Santo

People make use of this Palo Santo wood as a form of Incense. When it burns, it releases beautiful lovely scenting smoke into the atmosphere. Palo Santo powder and chips are also used in the same way.

Just as Incense is used, the palo santo wood is typically used on a hot disc of charcoal inside a resin burner. That is how the resin's aroma is released.

How to make use of various forms of Palo Santo

You could make use of Palo Santo either as a type of Incense or as an essential oil, which you would rub on your skin. It helps your skin retain its natural glow, and the scent when it is burnt helps create inner peace and sustainably have a more prolonged, calmer state of mind.

palo santo burning

You could use Palo Santo Oil in these ways listed below;

• It could be added to an essential oil burner or a diffuser

• It could be added to a hot water our which could easily make fragrant steam

• You could inhale it from a bottle

• You could dilute it using a carrier oil or castor oil and then apply it to your skin.

• You must ensure you check all of the directions available on the packaging of the oil.

How to Burn Palo Santo Wood

When you want to burn Palo Santo wood sticks, you need to follow these instructions carefully;

• It would help if you lighted your Palo Santo Stick using a match, lighter, or a candle.

• Then hold the stick downwards at around a forty-five-degree angle.

• Let the stick burn for around thirty seconds.

• You should then blow out the flame and place your stick inside a heat-proof dish to burn correctly.

• Making use of powders or wood chips, you could place them inside a heat-proof dish. Then it would be best if you lighted them either using a match or a lighter then blew them out after thirty seconds.

• Make sure you never leave your burning Palo Santo without attending to it. 

palo santo burning

How Long Does Palo Santo Burn?

Palo Santo burns for about thirty seconds. After thirty seconds, then you can blow it out and allow the smoke to refresh and reinvigorate your space.

What is Palo Santo Resin?

You would need to get yourself a resin burner, some sand, and a charcoal disc for this excellent method. You could make use of other non-combustible gravel materials and put them all in place instead of making use of the sand.

You could then fill your resin burner using sand. This way, you could pick up your charcoal disc using some tongs. Then you could heat a side of the disc using either a match or a lighter. You could then repeat the same process on the other side. 

You could then place your charcoal on the same sand and make a side with a skinny ash layer that forms on top of it.

You can then add the resin on top of the charcoal. As your wax melts, it would peacefully and gently release the aroma you have been waiting for. You can then submerge all of your charcoal inside the water after you’ve finished.

At this point, you could add some resins and some carrier oils inside your essential oil burner.

With this, your space and your body are both ready to enjoy the benefits of Palo Santo.

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Palo Santo Natural Incense Sticks
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Palo Santo takes only thirty seconds to burn. If it burns longer than this, that would be bad because of how risky things could get.

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