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Incense burners are burners specifically made to burn incense. Incense burners come in different styles, patterns, and shapes. Incense burners can be made with wood, ceramics, and other materials. They usually have detailed designs that are structured to make the burning of incense more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing. Incense is an aromatic material that releases a fragrance into the air when it is burned. The fragrance released is completely dependent on the maker.

There are several fragrances available ranging from sandalwood to personalized fragrances mimicking perfumes. Incense is used in aromatherapy, spiritual practices and is known for its calming effects. Incense is often seen as calming due to the effects the smell and smoke have on the human body. You can use incense to create an ambiance in your space or simply for its pleasing fragrance.

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There are many types of incense available, however the two main types of incense fall under either of these categories.

Buddha Incense Burner
Apple Backflow Incense Burner
Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner with Cover

1. Direct burning incense - Direct burning incense is a term used to refer to incense that is directly burnt into the air. It is not buffered by other fragrances and it is usually lit just once. Once it is lit, it is then blown around and circulated. Direct burning incense is usually used in spiritual practices and aromatherapy.

2. Indirect burning incense - This type is incense is actually more common than direct burning incense. This type of incense is packed with loose resin. What this means is that for the fragrance and the incense to burn there needs to be constant heat. Direct burning incense doesn't need constant heat, it only needs to be lit once then fanned out.

Direct burning incense is the type of incense we're discussing in this article. These are the types of incense that need an incense burner. These are;

1. Stick incense - Stick incense is incense wrapped or rubbed around a stick; the most popular stick is usually a bamboo stick.

2. Cone incense - Cone incense is incense packed tightly in the shape of a cone. It does not have any wooden cores or properties.

3. Powder incense - Powder incense is not as popular as the rest. In fact, it is the least popular of the bunch. Powder incense is very concentrated. It is usually burned in a controlled fireproof burner. It doesn't have foreign materials such as glue, charcoal, and adhesives influencing the smell of the fragrance.

4. Coil incense - Finally we have coil incense. It is shaped like a coil and usually has a metal core.

Alloy Copper Incense Holder
alloy copper burner
Alloy Copper stick burner

All these incense types all need a type of incense burner. The coil incense uses an Incense burner as so do the stick and cone incense types. Incense burners are used to ensure the incense burns well and burns safely. Some types of Incense burners include;

dragon incense burner

1. Cone incense burners - Cone incense burners are burners meant to burn cones. Cones need special burners due to the shape and method of burning. Cones are not to be continuously burned therefore they need burners like these from Incense Ocean to ensure they burn properly.

The Yoga girl cone incense burner from Incense Ocean which you can find here is a perfect example of a cone incense burner.

Dragon Incense Cone Burner

2. Waterfall incense burners - Waterfall incense burners are works of art. Waterfall incense burners are incense burners that send the smoke from incense cascading downwards. Designs like the Teahouse Decor Waterfall incense burner from Incense Ocean.

This waterfall incense burner was created to depict the image of smoke slowly cascading down a flight of stairs. Waterfall incense burners are great for public spaces.

Teahouse Decor Waterfall Incense Burner
Teahouse Decor Waterfall Incense Burner

3. Backflow incense burners - These are incense burners that send the incense smoke downwards. Backflow incense burners usually have a hole at the bottom that permits the backflow. Incense Ocean's Backflow incense burner dragon is a perfect for backflow incense burners. It has a cool and symbolic design of a dragon guarding a precious orb. When the smoke exits the dragon's mouth and touches the orb it is truly a sight to see.

Backflow Incense Burner Dragon
Lotus Flower Sandalwood Censer Incense Burner

4. Powder incense burner - Powder incense burners like Incense Ocean's Lotus Flower Sandalwood Censer Incense Burner are specifically created to burn powder incense.

Some other types of burners are;

1. Coil Burners - Coil incense burners are necessary because coils do not burn well on a flat surface. Coil incense burners are created to elevate the coil and ensure it gets proper airflow to facilitate the continuous burning of the coil incense. Incense Ocean's Chinese Backflow Incense holder is a beautiful coil burner that holds the coil within a ball and lets the smoke escape through the intricate design of the ball.

chinese hanging incense burner
chinese haging incense holder
chinese burner

2. Combination Burners - Combination burners are incense burners that can burn all sorts of incense. They can burn cone incense, stick incense and some can burn powder incense.

3. Bowl-shaped burners - Bowl-shaped incense burners are usually made with ceramics. They are bowl-shaped and meant to hold stick incense. They are usually colorful and of medium size.

Incense is a millennia-old practice that comes with a lot of benefits. Incense is great for anxiety, it is used in aromatherapy, it has spiritual benefits. Ancient Egyptians used to burn incense to keep evil spirits and demons away. Incense burners are important for people who are serious about burning incense. Whether you have a public or business space dedicated to spirituality or you're an individual looking to tap into your higher self, incense burners are a must. The most important reason is that incense burners are safe. Burning incense sticks on your dresser or on a plastic plate from your kitchen is not safe.

Incense burners and waterfall incense are especially important for that very reason. It also doesn't hurt that they can be very visually appealing. Incense Ocean offers many incense burners and incense burner types for you to select from. If you're more passionate about symbolism then try the Buddha Incense Burner or the Fly Dragon incense burner. If you're looking to feast your eyes on some beautiful and breathtaking visuals of smoke cascading down a figure then try out the Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner with Cover or the Elephant Statue Waterfall Incense Burner.

For fans of backflow incense burners try out our Windproof Backflow incense burner or our Ceramic Buddha Backflow incense burner.