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Incense coils that fill your life with mind blowing fragrances

Incense Inspiration

Incense coils that fill your life with mind blowing fragrances

 Incense Coils

Incense is anything that which when burnt, releases fragrant aromas. They could be in the forms of sticks, cones, powders, and even coils. Incense has been used for thousands of years before now and is still in use. Back then, they were used mostly for religious and spiritual purposes. 

Nowadays, people are using them for other reasons. Here are some of the reasons:

  • To relieve stress 
  • To aid sleep
  • For relaxation
  • For yoga
  • For meditation and focus
  • For increased productivity
  • To help creativity
  • To purify air

These and many other reasons are why people burn incense. A lot of people are used to incense cones and incense sticks. However, do you know that there are incense coils

incense coils haginh

What Are Incense Coils?
Knowing what incense is, you should have an idea of what an incense coil is. Well, incense coils emit scents or fragrance when they are burnt. They are in the shape of a coil and you only have to light it up. Most people who don't use incense sticks or cones prefer incense coils. Well, they are easy to use too.

A good reason why some people prefer incense coils is that they burn much longer. A normal incense stick burns for about 50 to 90 minutes. However, an incense coil burns for up to two hours. They are suitable for family rooms.

How To Burn Incense Coils
Burning incense coils are very easy. Here's how to do it:

1. Place the coil in a burner
2. Using a matchstick or a lighter, light the tip of the coil. Leave it for a few seconds
3. Blow or fan out the flame
4. The coil would glow red and start emitting fragrant smoke. This shows that it is burning slowly. 

incense coils burning

Safety Dos And Don'ts Of Burning Incense Coils
Before going on to burn incense coils, you need to know the safety rules. These rules will help to prevent any casualty.
Here are the safety dos and don'ts you should follow while burning incense coils:

1. The area should be well ventilated. This is to prevent you from choking on smoke. You can open a window while burning the coil.
2. If you have any respiratory challenge, do see a doctor to know if you can burn a coil or not.
3. Use a burner for the coil. It will collect the ashes as they drop.
4. Keep incense coils out of the reach of children and pets.

1. Don't leave a burning incense coil unattended to
2. Don't use incense coils with chemical additions. If any artificial or synthetic properties have been added to your incense coils, it may be harmful to your health.
3. Don't burn incense coils at all if you have serious respiratory diseases.

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incense coils green burning

Where To Buy Incense Coils
There are a lot of brands out there, selling incense coils and other incense products. However, buying from the right place matters. It is good that you buy from a reputable brand that uses the right ingredients to make the incense coils. Having that in mind, you can buy incense coils:

1. Online:
Buying incense coils online is the easiest way to purchase it. Apart from the fact that it would be delivered to your doorstep, there is a lot to choose from. You may encounter issues knowing the right brand to buy from. However, reviews will help you do a good job.

So, you can easily place an order online, pay, and your incense coils would be delivered to you.
2. Incense Shops:
If you'd like to buy incense coils physically, then you can go to the shops where they sell incense materials. You'd see a lot of incense coils and burners too. Know the scent or fragrance you want, purchase it, and start burning!

Here atIncense Ocean, we have a variety of incense coils which you'd love. Our products are 100% natural, without any artificial or synthetic properties. We are concerned about you and your health. This is exactly why we put extra care when making our coils. You can be 100% sure that there are no chemicals in it. This brings us to the aspect of what to look out for while buying incense coils.
Vietnam Huian Incense Coils
Natural Sandalwood Incense Coils
Sandalwood Incense Coils
Guidelines To Help You Purchase Incense Coils
While there are authentic incense coils, some manufacturers also produce fake incense coils. The manufacturers work hand in hand with distributors to sell counterfeit and harmful incense coils. These counterfeit products are detrimental to health. In essence, the manufacturer doesn't care about your health. What is important is the money to be made.
Here's what you should bear in mind while buying incense coils:

1. Reputable brand: Buy your incense coils only from a reputable brand. Good incense brands have a lot of wonderful reviews from those who have previously used their products. If you are buying online, it's very easy to check for reviews. If you are buying from a shop, you can check Google for the brand.

2. Buy only natural products: Buy only incense coils made from natural products. There are so many natural products used to make incense. Theyinclude frankincense, myrrh, flowers, cinnamon, lavender, and so on. Ensure that your incense coil doesn't have any artificial product added to it.

Also, don't forget that there are different types of fragrances when it comes to incense. Know the particular one you want to buy. If you are okay with just any scent, you can go on to buy the one that appeals to you. Burning incense either in your home or office is a good way to relax those tense muscles. Just perceiving the fragrance will do a lot of things for you, so why not try it out?

If you want to purchase high-quality incense coils as well as other incense materials like incense sticks, cones, and burner, get it from Incense Ocean today! Your satisfaction is our priority and our customer service is top-notch! Come on, let's burn incense the Incense Ocean way!

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