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Incense Storage Ideas

Incense Inspiration

Incense Storage Ideas

Youmight be thinking, looking for ways you can adequately store resins or incensesticks.

Nothingis as horrible as taking your best incense stick packs, then for you, open themand realize they are all dry. Though some incense sticks are made from raw andnatural compounds that are way more resistant to degradation, many are highlydoused with oils that have fragrance.

Alot of incense manufacturers from India make use of fragrance oils from naturalcompositions. Those, too, end up drying out. These end up reducing the scentoutput one would get from the aroma stick. There are some other types ofIncense that one could find, and they even smell better as they age. But thisis more like an exception, and it is not the rule at the end of the day.

incense storage

Ifyou are also a person who uses aroma for therapy, you know how difficult andstressful it could be to store your Incense very well correctly. We are happyto tell you there are some ways you could store your incense sticks. Thesemethods available from the internet look lovely as they help you store yourincense sticks.

Thispiece would talk about some of our best incense Storage containers which wouldhelp you keep your apartment organized and neat. There are various features,shapes, and designs that are bound to help you find the best incense Storageoptions for your apartment.

Listof methods you could use to Store Your Incense

1. VrindaHand Wooden Carved Life Tree box


Youcan store your Incense using the Vrinda Hand Wooden Carved Life Tree box. Thisis an organizer that is quite beautiful. It is an impressive-looking incense holder,which would be a great addition to any apartment or home.

Whatyou would like from this incense holder:

Thisincredible handmade box has a bright blue color which stands out in incredibleways in whichever styled environment. The design has the tree of life thatcomplements things nicely with the incense storage container. With aneffortless hinged design, one could easily use this box to store other littleitems like matches—the tree of life box measures about 8 inches by 5 incheswide.

2. CoffinStyle Wood Incense Burner Holder

Thisis great if you make use of vast space for your Incense. It is a very Cuteincense holder. It has two unique packs. This helps you evenly distribute yoursticks all around your studio or apartment.

Whatyou would like from this incense holder:

Afterpurchasing these incense sticks, you get about two containers which you could makeuse of all-around your apartment, space, studio, home, or any other place youwant to make use of your Incense. The holders are decorated with a beautifulmoon and sun designs. These storage containers, best of all, serves asdouble-purpose incense holders. They have slim wood designs, which allows themto become excellent holders that do not take a lot of space at home.

3. WoodenCarved Flowers Storage and Vines Box

Ifyou want to get that rustic feel, you should use this incense storage box. Thisis a classic box that is just perfect for holding matches and Incense.

Whatyou would like from this incense holder:

Thisincense box is elementary and, at the same time, quite sturdy. It is decoratedusing a vine design and a carved flower that looks fantastic in any space it iskept.

Thisbox is from India, and it has a dual hinged system that is available for simpleclosing and opening. It has a neutral appearance that looks great in everystyle or type of environment.

4. SmallJuvale Wood Organizer for Desktop

Ifyou are searching for the most Discreet desktop organizer, this is one of yourbest bets.

Thisis an organizer that is classic, and it features incredible compartments, whichare excellent for storing Incense.

Small Juvale Wood Organizer for Desktop

Whatyou would like from this incense holder:

Thisincense holder helps in storing Incense properly. It gives one an excellentvintage look which makes it charming. It is a one-of-a-kind organizer andincense holder.

5. IndianHandmade Incense Storage Keeper

Thisincense storage keeper is also a multi-purpose burner. It gives it a fantasticvalue for its affordable price.

Indian Handmade Incense Storage Keeper

Whatyou would like from this incense holder:

Thisis a perfect burner for every apartment and home or space that needs to haveits Incense stored and burned. This storage box has a design that you wouldlove. It has its incense sticks, so even if you purchase it and you run out ofincense sticks, this organizer, burner, and saver have got you covered.

IncenseStorage Tips

Weall recommend you store your incense sticks far away from light and all formsof moisture. Getting a dark and excellent location would be best. This locationcould be a cabinet or a drawer.

Keepingyour Incense in an airtight container usually lets Incense get stored for ahigher amount of time without losing its aroma.

Youcould try Paulownia Boxes from Japan. These boxes are pretty unique because ofhumid conditions where the wood swells to become properly airtight. This wouldprotect your Incense from degradation and moisture.

Youmust save all incense types in different spaces or places or keepers. This isimportant, so they do not pick up the scent of other aromas around.

Forincense sticks with oils that do not degrade quickly, these would last longerif you save them properly. The speed of degradation makes the aroma flow out ifthey are not saved very well.

Keepin your mind that some incense sticks become better after you store and savethem properly. Some of these types of Incense include resins, aloeswood whichcould burn harshly. At times when you allow them to stay old without usingthem, you get better smelly aromas.

Incensedoesn’t go well with being kept in the fridge because moisture could find itsway and get into your incense sticks this way.

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