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Introducing the Dragons Blood Incense Sticks

Incense Inspiration

Introducing the Dragons Blood Incense Sticks

Everyone knows the importance of the scent of an incense stick. The scent determines how you'll react and how you'll feel while the incense permeates the air. If you're a beginner you'll want simple, classic scent sticks like the sandalwood incense sticks or the natural incense sticks. For those who want a deeper experience try the dragon's blood incense sticks.


dragon incense

Dragon's Blood Incense Sticks

The dragon's blood incense sticks is a new release from Incense Ocean. This incense stick is an intense and deep scent that is sure to provide an amazing experience for users. Tapping into the rich cultural history of incense in Ancient China and India, the dragon's blood incense stick pays homage to the past while providing insight to the future.

The dragon's blood incense sticks draw from the symbolism of the dragon. It's strength, ferocity and fiery demeanor are all attributes that contributed to the production of these sticks. Hence, their physical design and choice of scent. Each stick is a mixture of black and gold. Most of the body of the stick is black with a good tip. This imitates the form of dragons. The stick is also shiny like the scales of a dragon.


dragons blood incense sticks
dragons blood incense sticks

This incense stick has a strong and intense scent. The scent is tangy with hints of metal. If you need a scent that can provide a swift access to a calmer headspace then this is the scent for you. As earlier mentioned, it is quite intense so if you're not accustomed to incense, try out our other incense sticks.

Feel the breath of a dragon with this amazing incense stick. If you're on a search forzen mode certainly try out the dragon's blood incense stick. This scent has medicinal as well as aroma therapeutic properties that can be quite beneficial for people who may struggle with feels of anxiety, depression and stress. The scent of the dragon's blood incense sticks is strong like the presence of a dragon. It is an experience every incense lover needs to try.

If you like this scent and wonder how you can find more scents like this on Incense Ocean, here are some tips below that will definitely help you find your next favourite scent.

How to pick your next scent

1. Identify the properties you truly enjoy. Is it the intensity or a particular aroma?
2. Find the aroma you enjoy.
3. Search our collection incense sticks for that specific aroma you favour.
4. Once you do this you can find scents that are quite similar to each other so you can keep enjoying our incense products.

How to burn the dragon's blood incense stick

1. Have an incense burner or incense holder at hand. 

2. Place your stick on the holder or in the burner.

3. Light it up at the tip and leave for 10 seconds then blow it out.

4. After this your incense should begin circulating properly.

dragons blood incense sticks
dragons blood incense sticks

Now that we've discussed the dragon's blood incense sticks and how to use them, what is incense and what can it do?


Incense is a very popular aromatic material that will produce a soothing and appealing smell when burnt. The aroma incense produces depends on the scent you purchase. It is advisable to purchase a scent you find soothing and enjoyable. We have already discussed how to pick a scent that speaks to you.

Incense is loved all over the world for its aesthetic, spiritual as well as practical uses. The aforementioned favoured smell of incense is the primary reason why it is an important aspect of aromatherapy. For those who do not know about aromatherapy, it is a form of alternative medicine. Aromatherapy is a form of therapy that shifts focus from the physical mind to the whole body.


This is done by placing a lot of focus on appeasing the sense of smell. In aromatherapy, essential oilsand incense are the two most used items. Essential oils can be rubbed on the skin whilst incense permeates the air. This is how aromatherapy appeases the body. The sense of smell, the sense of touch, sight and sound are all ways in which aromatherapy functions.


spiritual incense sticks

Aromatherapy can be calming and relaxing which is an important part of therapy. Incense has other uses besides aromatherapy.

Uses of Incense

Here are some uses of incense listed below in human's life.

1. Spiritual

The first use of incense is said to have been strictly religious. In Ancient Egypt, Ancient China and Ancient Greece, incense was revered for its spiritual and religious properties. Incense has been used as a method of repelling evil or un savoury spirits such as demons. In the same vein it was also used to welcome more benevolent spirits like angels.


Due to this part of history we've been able to access, we have sufficient evidence of the inherent spiritual nature of incense. It is important that we mention spirituality is not exclusive to religion. There are other ways to practice spirituality and most of these methods uphold the use of incense. Some of them are yoga and meditation.

These practices emphasize the importance of stillness and becoming one with the world around you. For people who get distracted easily, burning incense can be quite helpful when meditating or practicing yoga because incense is not a very demanding form of distraction.


spiritual incense

2. Aesthetic

The aesthetic use of incense is completely dependent on its smell. This is when incense is used simply because the aroma is satisfactory. It is quite different from the practical use of incense which is completely based on what that aroma can do.


3. Practical

At all levels, incense is fundamentally practical. It is being used because it serves a certain purpose however practical uses stand apart because it is solely because of what it can do, there are no religious connotations whatsoever. In this case, incense can be used because it helps to combat the presence of bugs and it can be used to mask or get rid of unpleasant odours.


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