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Top Incense Choices for your home

Incense Inspiration

Top Incense Choices for your home

Incense is a wonderful organic material that can transform the atmosphere of your home. Incense can help you achieve more profound levels of meditation and relaxation. If you strugglewith stress management or often find yourself in stressful situations, incense can be very helpful in alleviating stress. In this article, we'll be discussing the top incense choices for your home. This will contain recommendationson incense scents as well as incense burners. To ease the decision-making process, this article will also contain sections on different parts of the house and which incense scent is best suited for that part of your home.

incense for home

Before we begin, let's look at the four major types of incense.

1. Incense Sticks - This is the most popular type of incense. You've probably seen it in a movie, and if not, it is most likely the firstoption that pops when you search "incense" on any search engine. Incense sticks are usually made from bamboo wood.


incense sticks for home

2. Incense Cones - Incense cones are the variants that work with most incense burners, such as the waterfall incense burner and the backflowincense burner. Although there are incense burners that can be used with incense sticks, most of them tend to be created for incense burners since incense sticks are better off on incense holders.


incense cones for home

3. Incense Coils - Incense coils are prevalent in religious and spiritual settings because they usually don't require a holder or a burnerto function adequately.


incense coils for home

4. Incense Powder - Incense powder is an extremely concentrated form of incense. To burn incense powder, you need a particular type of burner.This type of burner is usually shaped like a pot or a kettle.


incense powder

Now, let's discuss the incense choices for your home based on size. If you're looking to burn incense at home, then you'll need to know the best choices for your type ofliving situation.


1. A House - If you live in a large house, then you'll need an incense type that is great for larger spaces. For large houses, we'llrecommend incense coils because they burn for longer periods (from two to four hours depending on the size. You can also opt for incense powders. Large houses need incense variants that last longer and keep the aroma in the air foras long as possible. This is to ensure you're saving cost yet still enjoying the numerous benefits of incense.

incense coil for home
Incense Fragrance Spiral Coils
Natural Sandalwood Incense Coils (96 box)

2. An Apartment - If you live in an apartment, then you have to take a few things into consideration. The first factor is how many neighborsyou have. Incense is deeply personal, and because there are so many scents, many people tend to have scents they prefer which make other scents unbearable to them. The second factor is the ventilation in your apartment. Forthose with a lot of ventilation, we'd recommend incense cones with covered incense burners like this one. Incense burners like this one are perfect if your apartment doesn't get a lot of fresh air. Of course, you can select any type of incense and burner you like, but if you're looking to be efficientand get the most out of your products, we'd suggest working with the ventilation in your apartment instead of against it.

Mixed Natural Scent Incense Cones
Natural Backflow Incense Cones

For smaller apartments, we'd recommend incense cones, so the fragrance is contained.

3. For Your Room - Your room can also be your home. If you're looking for the best incense options for a room, then we'll suggest incense sticks. With incense sticks, you are rest assured that the scent will be well contained in your room.In addition to easy containment, incense sticks do not need incense burners (except you choose to have one). You can burn your incense stick with a simple incense holder.


We'll be moving on to discuss the various reasons you might want to use incense for your home. We'll focus on the two primary reasons in this section.

Tibetan Incense Sticks 450/box
Tibetan Incense Sticks 450/box
Natural Incense Aromatherapy Sticks

1. For Spiritual Purposes - Incense has its roots and origin in spirituality, so it is a great medium for spirituality. When using incense forspiritual purposes, you'll be using incense scents that are well suited to the task. Some great scents you can try are the Natural Incense Aromatherapy Sticks and the Dragon Blood Incense Sticks. These incense sticks were created with spirituality in mind hence why they have specific scents instead of a lot of variants or options. Spiritualpurposes can be meditation focused, prayer focused, or even burning incense to keep the spiritual atmosphere clean and clear from evil spirits.


Dragon's Blood Incense Sticks - 6 Box Pack

2. For Pleasing Fragrances - If you enjoy the aroma incense brings and prefer more organic options to freshen your atmosphere, then incenseis a great choice. If you fall into this category, then you should opt for very light scents such as rosemary, lavender, and sandalwood. Some incense sticks you can try are the 21cm Sandalwood Incense Sticks and the Natural Short Stick Incense. For Incense cones, you can try the Fragrance Backflow Incense Cones, which was created for backflow incense burners. You can also opt for the Natural Incense Cones collection or the Mixed Natural Scent Incense Cones for a more vibrant mix of fragrances. If you prefer incense coils, you can try out the Natural Handmade Sandalwood Coils or the Australia Sandalwood Incense Coils.   

Natural Handmade Sandalwood Coils (48 box)

Finally, we'll be discussing the type of incense burner or holder you should use, depending on your space and preference.


1. Incense Holders - If you prefer incense sticks, then you should opt for simple incense holders. You can browse our store for beautiful incense holders. Incense holders are great for smaller spaces.


2. Incense Burners - We will split incense burners into two categories, Backflow and Waterfall. Both are extremely pleasing to the eye. If you like to see the incense burn, then you should opt for either backflow incense burners or waterfall incense burners. It is important to note that backflow burnersneed backflow incense cones. You can find them here and here.

Nepalese Classic Metal Incense Holder
Buddha Incense Burner
Creative Dragon Incense Burner

We hope this article has been helpful and instrumental in your decision-making. Following the guidelines will help you come to a decision or at least, help you narrow down your optionsbefore you make the final decision.


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