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15 Reasons to burn incense and the benefits

Incense Inspiration

15 Reasons to burn incense and the benefits

Incense has many wonderful benefits available to its users. In this article, we'll be discussing fifteen reasons why you should consider burning incense.

1. For Relaxation - The world is at the most tumultuous a lot of us have ever witnessed; therefore, it's important that we have positive and safe ways to step back and relax. Incense is one way to do this. Incense has calming properties, primarily found in the chosen scent. For example, the scent, Lavender is very calming and relaxing. The scent, Jasmine also has calming properties along with Ylang-ylang.
incense relaxation

2. For Manifestation - Manifestation is the act of believing and putting one's dreams, desires, and aspirations into the ever-capable hands of the universe. Manifestation is an ancient and spiritual practice that can be beneficial to anyone. When manifesting, you don't need anything except yourself. However, it is essential that you are in the best state of mind to properly communicate your thoughts to the universe. If you are anxious, scared, or even doubtful, the universe can see these thoughts, and they may tint your desires. Burning incense can not only put you in the right state of mind but also aid your manifesting. If you're the sort of person who finds it hard to calm down (which is completely normal), incense can be a very useful tool for you. 

incense manifestation

3. To help during prayers - Many religious ceremonies and institutions use incense during prayers. If you are unaware of the origin or source of incense, this might come as a pleasant surprise. The earliest use we have found of incense is a religious one. In Ancient Egypt, the priests or sorcerers would burn incense because of the way incense was able to interact with spirits. Incense repelled evil spirits and attracted benevolent spirits. This brings us to our next benefit.

incense pray

4. To attract good energy - We are all bodies of energy. You're a body of energy, I'm a body of energy, and this article has been influenced by my energy. Whenever you interact with a person, a picture, a video, or even a book, you can feel their energy, whether subconsciously or consciously. Have you ever spoken to someone and felt extremely drained after the conversation, or have you ever gone somewhere and felt very drained. In contrast, have you ever done an activity seen as strenuous but felt so happy and energized after? That is energy. If you struggle with low energy, incense may not a source of energy the way crystals are, but incense contains pure energy that has the power to filter out bad or negative spirits and attract the good ones.

good energy

5. For Exercise and Movement - Due to the energetic nature of incense, a lot of people will use it during movement or exercise. Now, we have to differentiate between the two even though they sound synonymous. For a lot of spiritual people, a yoga flow is not a form of exercise but rather a way to connect with their higher self. You can burn incense during exercise and during movement.


6. To Reduce Stress and Feelings of Anxiety - It's almost impossible to be free from stress, especially if you live in a city. Since it is practically unavoidable, we should focus on creating stress-relieving practices that we can fall back on when we feel very stressed. This routine can and should include incense. As earlier mentioned, incense has calming properties, and the best way to deal with stress is to be calm.

reduce stress

8. For Creativity - For creatives, it can be a very harsh reality. Creativity is very rewarding; however, the road towards the rewards needs time and patience. During this period, you might become extremely frustrated or, worse, burnt out. Burning incense can help you relax and unwind. This is the prime time for ideas because your mind is open and receptive to the world and the universe around you. Simply sit, put on a calm playlist you like, and jot down the ideas as they come to you. You may also have very expressive and vivid dreams after doing this.


9. To Aid Sleep - Insomnia is a real issue, and while for some people it is genetic, for others, it is a coping mechanism. Some scholars have argued that the only reason a lot of people, especially those who have jobs, stay up so late is that they are subconsciously trying to reclaim the hours they've spent at work and to have hours where they can do whatever they want. If you struggle with this, burning incense will not only help you relax, but alongside meditation, it can help you find the root of your insomnia.


10. For Sweet-Smelling Air - If you're not aware, incense can also be used as an air freshener. A lot of people burn incense simply because it smells good and it chases away insects. Incense is affordable, and the scent lasts for much longer than a normal air freshener would.

11. To Aid Focus - In a world where so much is happening, it is difficult to focus. Incense can aid focus. A scent like cinnamon can help increase creativity, focus, and concentration.

incense help to focus

12. For Increased Sexual Desire - Yes, incense can also increase sexual desire. Fiery scents like rose and jasmine are great for romance and passion. 

Sexual Desire

13. A Form Of Alternative Therapy - Incense is a key formula in aromatherapy. This is because of its therapeutic benefits. If you're a fan of smells and find that certain scents play a huge role in calming you down, you should definitely try out incense in those scents.

alternative therapy

14. For Spirituality - We have mentioned a few spiritual activities in this article; however it is important that we mention that incense is first and foremost a spiritual item; therefore, it can be used in many spiritual activities. 


15. To Connect to the Universe - We have briefly discussed how incense is energy. If you're interested in connecting to the universe, you must first understand that everything is energy. Incense can help you open up, especially the heart chakra, and to be more receptive to the universe. 

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