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Best Time to Burn Incense

Incense Inspiration

Best Time to Burn Incense

Everyone knows and loves incense. Incense are fantastic materials made from plant sources that are burnt for the extraordinary aromas. They are gotten in several different forms, which include powders, cones, sticks. There are a variety of fragrances which include those from Palo Santo to Jasmine to Sandalwood. Incense has been available for centuries. All through that time, there still have a high space in several different religious and spiritual rituals in various cultures all across the world.

incense burning

There are several health benefits attained from makinguse of incense. There are also different times one should burn incense. Ifthat’s the reason you’re here today, then welcome. Today we would be talkingabout some simple ways and times you could burn your incense. We would also beexplaining the reasons for the times you should burn your incense.

List of the Best Times to Burn Incense

1. To bring back positive energy and get rid of negative energy.

Whenever you want to start something like either a project or start yoga, or do a ritual, you would realize that burning some incense helps you inappropriately setting the tone. Burning incense could be purification rituals. It also aids in getting rid of negative energy.

incense with positive enrgy

2. When you want to meditate and remain focused and concentrated.

Several different scents are known to improve focus and concentration. These scents include those peppermint fragrances and lemon. There is a variety of incense that is wonderful for medication. These incense types would help you remain concentrated and focused as you meditate.

incense meditation

3. Incense helps in connecting you to your internal memories.

A great time to burn incense could be when you need to remember something important. There are some memories you might have that might have been locked deep inside your subconscious. One of the only ways you could reach and get deep down to feel these memories might be by activating them using incense. Incense could quickly help you get that feeling you had when getting the experience you're trying to remember. Out of all our senses, one of the only ones that go straight to the brain is our sense of smell. Burning incense when we want to remember something, an event, something which occurred years ago, could come back to you after perceiving some incense at any time.

4. When you want to let your heart center open.

Whenever it feels like the chakra in your heart gets or feels closed up, there are certain specific smells like those from incense that could help you open them back up. You could burn up some rose or jasmine. These specific two are lovely when you want to open your heart center.

incense sticks selection

5. Another great time would be when you want to unwind, relax and get rid of stress.

Whenever you're tired, you might have had quite a stressful day. This is one of the best times to turn on or burn off some incense. It would help you cool off, unwind and appropriately relax. You could get scents like lavender. These have wonderfully calming effects on our entire nervous systems. There is sandalwood incense which also helps us feel peace and gives us the mental rest we need, especially when we need to meditate.

6. Another best time to burn incense is to incorporate fire elements when you are performing rituals properly.

There are various traditions like Ayurveda which is known as one of the ancient medical systems in India. There is also Traditional Chinese medicine that makes use of natural elements and it balances them. These help one heal properly. Making use of incense to serve as a fire source and other natural elements available around like air, water, space, and earth would help grant you balance and deepen your level of meditation as you practice.

7. It also helps you connect with your religion and spirituality, so the best time to burn this is when you kneel in prayer.

It has turned to something that's the standard lately spiritually and through religion worldwide, from Native American Ceremonies to Catholic Churches. Several different cultures feel burning incense helps send our thoughts and prayers straight to our heavenly father.

spiritually energy incense

8. You could burn incense when you want to start up a brand new routine

If you love enjoying your routines specifically as they happen, then burning up some incense as you start your day or getting ready for bed wood help you have a brighter day and a night filled with sweet dreams.

9. You could burn incense when you want to time the event or how long an activity happens.

There is incense that lasts for about thirty minutes to about an hour before they would completely burn. You could start burning them before you start either journaling, meditating, or working till they ultimately burn out. These fantastic fragrances serve as awesome timekeepers way more than a typical clock or your phone.

10. You could burn them when you want to do nothing but be mindful

Incense works hand in hand with mindful people. It helps stimulate the senses, which serves as an excellent way for you to enjoy where you are as you are in the moment. You should get a scent you genuinely love and tune into your smell and live in the now.


11. You could burn yourself some incense just before you have sex with your romantic partner.

There are some incredible scents like jasmine or rose. They serve as aphrodisiacs designed naturally by nature. You could try these out or get the incense version whenever you want to get in the mood for some lovemaking.

12. Another great time to burn incense is when you want to get grounded.

There are times for no reason you would feel anxiety, nervousness, or just overwhelmed. Incense helps bring you back, and it helps calm you from whatever storm you're going through inside. You could get cedar or velvet. They work wonders to ground you back to your normal mental state.

So there we have it. Now you know all about the best times to burn incense. Enjoy it whenever you can. 

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