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Benefits Of Using Sandalwood Incense

Incense Inspiration

Benefits Of Using Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood incense is a type of incense derived from sandalwood trees or bearing the sandalwood scent. Sandalwood is a wood with a natural fragrance and this makes it very coveted forincense production. Sandalwood has a lot of benefits we'll discuss very soon so stick around!


Incense is an aromatic burning material that is used all around the world. Incense is extremely useful to people from all walks of life whether spiritual or simply practical. Incenseis made from materials such as resin which is the compound found in plants that helps them heal and regenerate during injury. Incense is also made from seeds of plants and fruits, the bark of trees, the roots of trees, flowersand a combustible base of choice. The first five ingredients are combined to produce a paste then the combustible base is added to give the incense the ability to respond to a flame.

The making of incense, in this case, stick incense is dependent on several factors however before we delve into that let's discuss some of the uses and benefits.

incense burning in holder

Incense has been in use since Ancient Greece however the first tangible evidence we have of incense use was located in Ancient Egypt. It is a little kettle that was used as an incenseburner in the temples to chase away demonic and evil spirits. Since then, the use of incense has evolved but it still stays true to its roots. Here are some of the benefits of incense. 

Benefits of Incense

1. Incense is a great way to increase creative juices and speed up the creative process.

2. Incense can be a good calming agent for those who struggle with feeling anxious, scared and frazzled often.

3. Incense is a core part of spirituality. The very root of incense lies in spirituality therefore it has a seat at the table for spiritual practitioners. Whether it's for dispellingevil and demonic spirits or drawing generous and benevolent spirits closer, incense is certainly very special and important for people in the spiritual space.


4. Incense is a part of alternative therapy. If you're having a rough day, lighting some incense of your favourite scent can be quite soothing.

incense sticks meditation

Besides these benefits, incense also has several uses.


Uses of Incense

1. Incense is used for practical reasons. This includes masking bad odours, enhancing pleasant smells in public spaces or using incense in commercial spaces like shops. This is becauseincense scents are quite thick therefore they spread much faster and last much longer.


2. As earlier mentioned, incense is a part of alternative therapy however in this vein, incense is used in conjunction with essential oils. For those who didn't know, incense andessential oils are quite similar and have very similar ingredients! This is one of the reasons they are so compatible in practices like aromatherapy which is a form of alternative therapy.


sandalwood incense oil

3. Incense also just smells really good and the smell lasts much longer. It can even last up to 24 hours so some people burn incense simply because they enjoy the smell.


4. Finally, we have the spiritual use of incense which is the oldest use of incense. The spiritual use of incense prioritizes the scents. In this space, certain scents are preferredin specific situations. For example, there are scents to be used when dealing with otherworldly spirits and scents to be used when meditating. The scent and the choice of wood are both very important. This brings us to ournext section which discusses the different types of wood used for incense and incense sticks.


Types of wood used for incense sticks.

There are several types of sticks used in the production of incense however here are the top sticks used;


1. Bamboo Sticks - Bamboo sticks are by far the most popular incense stick. If you've ever purchased an incense stick from a roadside seller or an off-brand shop, it's probablymade with bamboo sticks. This is not to say bamboo sticks are bad. They're amazing, if they weren't they wouldn't be this popular!


bamboo sandalwood incense sticks

2. Sandalwood Sticks - Sandalwood which we've previously touched on a bit is the second incense stick we'll discuss. Sandalwood is a fragrant heavy wood. This means it has itsown particular scent and this scent is highly favoured but why is it so loved? Let's discuss that.


sandalwood incense sticks

Benefits of Sandalwood Incense     

If you've ever wondered what the buzz around sandalwood was all about then you've come to the right place. Here are the benefits of sandalwood incense.


1. Sandalwood can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and nervousness. If you struggle with these feelings then try out sandalwood incense or sandalwood scents.


2. If you're a tumultuous sleeper, sandalwood incense is a great alternative for you. Sandalwood can help to improve your sleep and your REM cycle leaving you with deep sleep andsleep that leaves you feeling energised.     


3. Sandalwood smells amazing. If you love the summer months then you'll love sandalwood.


4. Sandalwood is a great soothing scent. You can use this while sleeping, meditating or even practising yoga.


5. It's a great source of keratin so if you are prone to stumbling or sustaining injuries, sandalwood aids the production of keratin which helps in healing body wounds.

sandalwood incense relax

Types of Sandalwood Incense

There are several types of sandalwood incense in case you want other options besides the sandalwood incense stick


1. The first and oldest form of sandalwood incense is actually not the stick but the actual sandalwood ground into a fine dust which is then used to make a paste.


2. We have sandalwood incense sticks.


3. There are sandalwood incense cones as well.

sandalwood incense sticks
sandalwood incense coils
sandalwood incense cones

Characteristics of Sandalwood Incense

1. Sandalwood has a very sunny and bright smell. This is one of the major signs of sandalwood incense.


2. Sandalwood can also be used to produce essential oils so if you're doubting the authenticity of your sandalwood incense you can simply compare it to your sandalwood essentialoils.

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