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How Many Incense Sticks To Burn In A Day

Incense Inspiration

How Many Incense Sticks To Burn In A Day

The burning of incenseis an activity that is practical or sacred. Some people choose to burn incense for its savoury or favoured scent while some choose to burn incense because of its spiritual properties. If you have a spiritual practice that is connected to incense then you're probably interested in knowing how often you can and should burn incense. Before delving into this, let's outline the basics of incense as well as some of its numerous benefits.

Benefits of Incense

Incense is an aromatic material that has been used for a plethora of reasons since Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Incense is beneficial for several reasons.

incense burning a day

1. Improve Your Creativity

If you're a creative or someone who wants to become more creative, burning incense is a great way to do it. This is because incense helps you to relax and unwind. This state of mind is more receptive to creative ideas that are already present in your mind but unable to manifest because of stress or distractions.

This is how incense can boost your creativity particularly when it comes as incense waterfall. So if you're an artist of any sense- whether you create songs, paintings, structures, sculptures or fiction, incense is one way to heavily boost and improve your creativity and get those creative juices flowing. 

incense creativity

2. Helpful in Spiritual Practices

Incense is used in religious as well as spiritual practices. Whether you're using it in your church or your home during meditation, incense already has a deep history with religion and spirituality. These centuries of incense use in this context has paved the way for new users and helped us develop specific scents well suited to specific needs.


incense spiritual

3. Physical Activity

If you practice yoga regularly then consider burning incense while you practice. The joy of practising yoga lies not in the physical movement but the state of calmness and ease that exist while practising yoga. You can compare this to the yoga version of a runner's high. You can also burn incense during physical activities like cardio and jump rope amongst others.


incense yoga

4. Incense Improves Feelings

Last but certainly not the least, incense is great for people who struggle with feelings of sadness and anxiety. Incense helps to promote feelings of ease hence the reason it is such a core part of aromatherapy, a form of therapy that caters to the senses. Incense can help soothe such negative emotions and feelings without suppressing them.


incense anxiety

Incense is made from several ingredients however these are the primary items used in the production of incense.

1. Resins - Resins are the compounds in plants that provide protection for them when they are injured.


2. Seeds - These are the small seeds of fruit plants.


3. Flowers - Flowers are the main source of scent for organically produced incense.


4. Barks - This refers to the outermost layer of trees.


5. Roots - This refers to the parts of a tree hidden underneath the soil. They are the foundation of trees.


6. Combustible Base - This is the ingredient that makes incense flammable.    

Other items that are often included in the production of incense include cedar, frankincense, sage and myrrh.

Want to know how incense sticks are made? 


Now that we've discussed the benefits of incense and what it contains, let's move onto incense sticks and how many you should be burning daily.

incense ingridients

Incense sticks are a very popular variant of incense. This is when the incense paste is wrapped around the stick, usually bamboo or sandalwood. In other methods, the stick is submerged into the incense paste. Either method works well in absorbing the essence of incense. Now how many incense sticks should you burn daily.


How Many Incense Sticks To Burn In A Day

Incense sticks usually burn for up to an hour depending on the length. The average length that burns for an hour is 21cm. The scent can remain for up to 24 hours depending on the size of the space and air flow. How many incense sticks to burn per day however depends on two factors.

1. How large is your space?

If your space is smaller then you'll be advised to burn significantly less sticks than someone with a larger space. If you're only burning incense in your room then one sticks day is just fine. If you have a larger space now, perhaps a house then two or three sticks daily should be enough but if you're running a large studio perhaps a yoga studio then you'll need to burn 4 or 5 sticks to keep the room submerged in the essence of incense.


2. Prominence of the Scent

The second factor which is the prominence of the scent. If you like a faint reminder of incense then opt for the former of the options we outlined above. Opt for one stick if you have a room, two if you have a house and three for studios.


burning incense a day

Another crucial aspect of burning incense daily is the scent. Now if you're going to burn incense daily you need to think about the scent you'll be burning. They have to be matched carefully because although the combination might sound nice, the reality might not be the case. If you're burning incense sticks daily then we recommend burning the same scent for a week then letting the air clear for two to three days before changing the scent. This will reduce the chance of two incompatible scents mixing.


To burn an incense stick all you need is an incense holder and theincense stick. Make sure it's not in direct contact with air flow, a fan, a heater or an air conditioner. Place it on a flat surface, light up the tip and blow out the flame after 5 seconds. Once that's done all that's left to do is enjoy your incense.


If you don't know which incense sticks to try, here are some of Incense Ocean's best incense sticks for meditation. If you're a beginner then we recommend the 21cm Sandalwood Incense Scent. It comes in several classic and simple scents that you'll certainly enjoy!

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