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Best smelling incense sticks 2021

Incense Inspiration

Best smelling incense sticks 2021

Incense sticks do more than just your environment a beautiful scent. It also has some personal health benefits to offer to you. If you have been using incense, you would know this. Mostpeople who use incense and related tools do so to also give their home decor some enhancement.


This article will be particular about incense sticks. In fact, we will be looking at ten of the most common ones. If you had been planning to get incense sticks, the ones on this listare what you would most probably find. Let’s get on the ride and you can choose the one that suits your preference.


1. Indonesian Ambon Agarwood incense sticks

The Indonesian Agarwood is known for its distinct and original scent. It gives you an original and lasting fragrance that leaves your room, office, or yoga studio refreshed for hoursafter it has gone off.


The Indonesian Ambon Agarwood helps you to relax, find comfort, and focus better. If you had been finding it difficult to sleep, battling insomnia, you would find this incense stickvery vital to your treatment. Yes, all it has to do is fill your room up with its excellent fragrance.

Natural Indonesian Ambon Agarwood Incense Sticks
Natural Indonesian Ambon Agarwood Incense Sticks

2. Patchouli incense sticks

Prayers and meditation have never felt better. With the patchouli incense sticks, you can find a soothing relief to some pains because it helps you to relax and sleep as much as youwant to. In one box, you will find different sticks with different scents. Don’t worry. There isn’t the one you will not love.


The patchouli incense sticks are handcrafted for your pleasure and they give you a natural scent at its peak. This is one product you might need to invest in if you are a yoga loveror a sportsperson. Help your mind revisit its strength by introducing the sweet scent from the patchouli flowers to it.

patchouli incense sticks

3. Tibet Manna incense sticks

Revisit the Tibetan world with these beautifully smelling incense sticks. If you are familiar with Tibet, you surely know that one thing they hold dear is their love for the monasteryand Himalayas. In order to function properly and effectively, a sweet-smelling incense needs to continually blow because it gives the monks access to their minds and spirits.


You too can get into that realm of calmness, focus, and concentration simply by using these Tibetan Manna incense sticks. This incense stick has a very natural earthy and herbal scent and you bet that it also performs some herbal magic on your physical wellbeing. If youwant incense sticks that smell like flowers, this may not be a great option for you.

Tibet Manna Incense Sticks
Tibet Manna Incense Sticks

4. Dragon’s blood incense sticks

Don’t let the name scare you. These incense sticks are very soft and sweet. They produce a very aromatic and mood-improving scent that everyone who struggles with stress, anxiety,or depression would find helpful.


If you use a yoga studio, this is the best product for you because it helps you to stay relaxed and focus. It has a very rich scent but you don’t to be rich to have it as the Dragon blood incense sticks sell for quite a low amount.

Dragon's Blood Incense Sticks - 6 Box Pack

5. Sandalwood incense sticks

Sandalwood is unarguably one of the best sources of beautiful scents. It is no wonder most of the incense sticks you will find come in this scent. The sandalwood incense sticks are a must get for every yoga enthusiast. It helps to relax your muscles and mind and also places you in a position of extreme focus and concentration.

21cm Sandalwood Incense Sticks
21cm Sandalwood Incense Sticks

6. Lemongrass incense sticks

The beauty of citrus smell doesn’t and shouldn’t only embrace you when you eat the fruits, should it? Well, the producers of this one completely agree with that statement as they have decided to bless your nostrils and mind with this 100% natural citrus scent.

This incense stick can be used in your office space, home, and yoga studio. It helps you to feel a deep sense of connection to your mind, body, and spirit. If you love to practice mindfulness every morning, then this product is just what you need.

lemongrass incense sticks

7. Natural incense aromatherapy sticks

Yes, it is exactly what it is. Aromatherapy at its peak. This incense stick heals your mind and body. It helps your nerves stay calm and peaceful. It helps you find a true connectionwith yourself. If you are looking for a great way to stay in your own space. The natural incense aromatherapy sticks are all you need.

Natural Incense Aromatherapy Sticks
Natural Incense Aromatherapy Sticks

8. Encens Shree Ganesh flux incense sticks

The Encens Shree Ganesh flux incense sticks are most suitable for people in the monastery but they’re not limited. Anyone who wants to get a good representation of what monks do and how they achieve that level of emotional and physical balance would definitely fall in love with this one.

Encens Shree Ganesh flux incense sticks

9. Natural scents short sticks

The natural scents short sticks may look like a disadvantage to people who love to spend hours meditating. However, it can serve people who only want about a few hours of meditationevery day. That said, the fragrance lasts up to two more hours after the light has been put off. This means that it can also serve you the purpose of long sticks.

Natural Short Stick Incense (150-170 Pieces)
Natural Short Stick Incense (150-170 Pieces)

10. Frankincense and Myrrh incense sticks

These two natural sources of beautiful aroma have been around for centuries and due to the magnificent benefits they offer, it is certain that they will be around for far longer. Frankincense and Myrrh are known for their beautiful earthy and herbal scents. They also add some magical healing power to that list to make them super awesome.

Frankincense and Myrrh incense sticks


Incense sticks may be common but not everyone knows about them. In fact, some who have heard about them don’t enjoy their beneficial work because they haven’t tried them out. Get one or a combination of these beautiful incense sticks today and experience a marvelous turnaround in mental and physical health as well as a nicely scenting environment.

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