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How incense is made?

Incense Inspiration

How incense is made?



Incense is a well known aromatic material that produces a favoured smell when burnt. Incense is highly regarded for its functional, aesthetic and spiritual uses. The aforementioned favoured smell of incense is also well utilised in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a form of therapy that places a lot of focus on appeasing the sense of smell. In Aromatherapy, essential oils and incense are the two most used items. Aromatherapy can be soothing and relaxing which aids in therapy. Incense production should be organic and natural due to the various uses of incense which we will further explain:


spiritual incense


1. Spiritual - Some users of incense favour this aromatic material for its rich spiritual history. As far back as we have been able to trace, incense was first used for its spiritual purposes. In Ancient Egypt, incense was used to repel evil spirits and attract benevolent spirits. Different scents have different properties which also have different functions.

In Ancient China, burning of incense was also used in religious services. This has led to the use of incense for its spiritual properties. Some people prefer using during meditation, manifestation, and yoga practices. The use of incense can intensify these spiritual practices. Some incense scents can help improve your yoga practice and meditation practice. This can help the users settle into their headspace faster.



aesthetic incense


2. Aesthetic - Some users favour incense for its aesthetic purpose. They favour it simply for its pleasurable scent. This is when incense isused in public spaces like malls and shops. In this case, incense is used simply for its scent.


3. Functional - Incense also has functional uses. These are the uses of incense that are completely functional. They are not uses related to spirituality, religion or the senses. In this case, incense is burnt to get rid of bad smells or odours. This means the incense is used as an odour repellent. Some scents of incense are also used to repel insects like mosquitoes and some bugs.


Incense is made from many materials. If you've ever wondered how incense is made then you've come to the right place. Incense is made with the following items.


1. Resins - Resins are the mixtures of certain organic compounds. Resins are found in plants and they are responsible for providing protective qualities that help the plant during injury. Resins are mostly found in woody plants. Resin plant products harden when they are exposed to oxygen. This is when they become an ingredient used to make incense.



incense resins


2. Barks - Bark is the outer layer of trees. The bark of a tree is the part of the tree that overlays the inner wood. The bark of a tree may consist of the inner and outer bark. It is usually dark brown, hard and cracked.


incense barks


3. Seeds - In this case, seeds refer to the seeds of fruits or plants. Seeds are an integral part of incense making.


incense seeds


4. Flowers - Flowers are also an important ingredient of incense. Flowers provide the base and the scent of incense.


incense flowers


5. Roots - Roots are the parts of the tree that are underground. Roots help to absorb and transfer moisture. Roots also help the transfer of minerals and provide a foundation for the tree that is above ground. Roots are used for incense because of their minerals and nutrients.


roots for incense


Aside from these ingredients, there are other aromatic materials used to make incense. Some of the aromatic materials used to make incense are;


  1. Cinnamon
  2. Frankincense
  3. Musk
  4. Myrrh
  5. Patchouli
  6. Sandalwood     


These binding materials are of great importance because they provide the combustion needed for the incense to be easily ignited. Incense needs to burn for it to function properly. A good example of these combustible binding materials is either wood powders and charcoal. These materials help to ignite the incense when it is set ablaze.
sandalwood for incense
Other materials that have been used in the preparation of incense include sage and cedar. Incense must always have a combustible base. This base, as earlier mentioned, can be charcoal or derived from other wood powders. A combustible base can also be gotten from fuel mixtures, oxidizer mixtures and plant-based binders like gum.
Incense is made through the following steps;

1. All the ingredients must be crushed into a powder form. This applies to the combustible base chosen, the resin, seeds, bark, roots and flowers. 


2. Once they are in powder form, the chosen binder (or combustible base) is added. When this is done, the powder will become a paste.



3. If the paste is meant to produce direct burning incense, then it is divided into pellets to dry and harden. Once this is done, you have direct burning incense.


incense making


4. However, for other versions of incense, floral fragrances, essential oils or preferred fragrances are added into the paste.


5. The mixture will then be rolled out on a flat slab. The mixture is left to slightly solidify into a doughy paste before it is made into the desired type of incense.


6. It is important to note that proper incense has a balanced oil content, percentage of oxidizers, the selected binder and the density of the dough.


incense how to make


There are three main types of incense the dough is used to create.

1. Cone shaped incense - Cone shaped incense is called such because it is shaped like a cone. In this case, the incense mixture is tightly packed into a cone shape. For incense cones, one needs proper incense burners because they cannot burn on a flat surface. This is very unsafe. You can find affordable and unique incense burners as well as natural incense cones here.



2. Incense Sticks - Incense sticks are the most popular form of incense. Incense sticks see simply sticks, usually bamboo or sandalwood with incense mixture rubbed around the stick. Incense sticks can burn on a flat surface or you can purchase affordable and unique incense stick burners at Incense Ocean here.


3. Coil Incense - Coil incense is incense provided on a metal based coil. The incense paste is lathered around the coil which provides the base for the burning of the incense.

coin incense
incense sticks
incnes coils

Incense Ocean strives to provide only the best incense made with natural and organic ingredients. You can purchase them here. 

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