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For many centuries now, people have made use of incense for different purposes. When significant ceremonies are held in China, incense will be burned, and in Babylon, it is used when praying. Today, many religions and people still use incense for ceremonial and spiritual purposes, and some people still burn it just to enjoy its aesthetic beauty and aroma. There are many forms of incense, but the most common ones are the stick and cone incense.

To a majority of people, it may not be hard to learn how to burn incense properly, but the form/kind of incense may make learning it more complicated. There is a great danger if incense is used wrongly, most especially, if there are nearby flammable objects. Every kind of incense burnerhas been designed to burn various kinds of incense safely and with style.

We are going to talk about how you can burn incense in this article. The main forms of incense that we will focus on are the stick and incense cone. But first, we will begin with the incense cone.

How to Burn Incense (Cone)

You can find cone incense in many department stores, including trade fairs and shows. These cones are about 1 inch tall, and have more than one fragrance, like Cinnamon, Patchouli, Dragon’s Blood, and Sandalwood.

incense backflow cones for burners
No matter the size, incense cones quickly burn out compared to the other incense forms and they also bring out plenty of smoke more than the sticks. The incense burners for cones have been designed to feature creatures that opened their moths, such as dragons. As incense smoke comes out of the burner, the creature will look like it is breathing/spitting smoke.

What you need to burn cone-shaped incense:
1- One incense cone
2- A match or lighter
3- An incense burner

A good cone burner is supposed to be fanciful and featuring log cabins, fantasy creatures, and many more. It can also be a clay platform or simple metal to place your cone. There are also wooden bottles but must come with brass bottoms so that they will be less flammable.
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After the incense cones have been placed on their different burners pointed-side up, us a match or lighter to light the tip. Once the incense cone has caught fire, leave the top to burn for about five to ten seconds before you fan or blow out the flame. If this is properly done, there will no longer be flames, but the cone’s top will remain lit. Enjoy how your cone begins smoldering and producing a fragrant smoke. Incense cones can burn for 30 minutes at most.

Stick Incense
As we have said earlier, this is one of the common incense that can be purchased from many stores. The average length of this incense is ten or eleven inches and time of a burning stick incense is about 50-60 minutes. It produces a variety of fragrances and is also easy to burn.

stick incense

There are a lot of burners at incense ocean that can be used for the stick incense, making use of it is not necessary. You can just make use of them like that. It is not like the cones that you must make the incense sit on a burner to avoid flammability. All you just need is something that will catch the ashes as they fall off the incense. You can purchase a stick burner that props your incense and catches the ashes before they get to the ground. To burn your stick incense, you need:

  • One incense stick
  • A match or lighter

Before you can burn stick incense, it must be standing diagonally or straight up. Stick incense can be easily propped up using other burners as there are holes in many of them where the stick can fit in. Another way you can prop your stick incense is by using sand to fill a small-sized container and then stick your incense it. The sand will be two things at a time, one, prop up the incense stick, and two, protect the container’s bottom from ashes. You can still use a bottle to do this as well. Just fill it with sand and stick he lit incense in it. It will prop up your incense and also catch the ashes.

After the incense stick has been properly set, use a match or lighter to light its tip. Wait for about 6 – 10 seconds before you blow it out. It will smolder and begin to produce smoke. It is expected to burn for about 30 minutes.

Now, you can get your incense, burn it properly, and enjoy its unique scents.  Don't miss the new arrivals: Introducing the Little Monk Incense Burner.

incense cones burning