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How To Burn Incense Sticks

Incense Inspiration

How To Burn Incense Sticks



People have been using and burning incense for a long time now. They used it for various reasons that were mostly spiritual. Nowadays, people burn incense to get focus, to aid meditation, to release stress, and for relaxation. A lot of aromatic materials and ingredients are used to make incense. They include non-toxic flowers, resins, plant roots, frankincense, cinnamon, sandalwood, myrrh, musk, and so on. A combustible binding ingredient is also included. It is what gives it the ability to produce smoke or burn. Such materials could be wood powder or charcoal.


Forms Of Incense


Incense comes in various forms. They could be: 




  • Incense Powder
Natural Sandalwood Backflow Incense Cones
Natural Short Stick Incense (150-170 Pieces)
Natural Short Stick Incense (150-170 Pieces)
You only have to pick the one you are most comfortable with and use it. Cones and sticks are the most popular forms of incense. We will be looking into incense sticks though.

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Before going on to know how to burn incense sticks, we should know what they are.
What Are Incense Sticks?
You can easily call them fragrance sticks or scented sticks. As the name implies, they are scented sticks that give out a particular fragrance when it is burned. It comes in different scents and fragrances such as lavender, lily, agarwood, rose, cedar, and so on. You just have to choose your preferred scent and burn it in your living space. They are suitable for homes and offices.
burn incense sticks
Incense sticks are used for various purposes which range from aesthetics, therapeutics reasons, spiritual, meditation, and relaxation. If you purchase high-quality incense sticks, you can still perceive the scent hours after burning.
Safety Measures To Practice While Burning Incense Sticks
We are concerned about your well being. This is why you need to practice safety measures while burning incense sticks. As easy as the burning sounds, there are some precautions to take. 
Here they are:

1. Ensure that you burn the incense sticks only in a well-ventilated area. You wouldn't want to choke on the smoke.


2. Never use or burn incense sticks if you are an asthmatic patient. Also, if you suffer from any respiratory disease, do not use incense sticks.


3. Expectant mothers shouldn't burn incense sticks. The smoke may harm you and your baby. If you must burn it, seek the advice of a professional doctor before doing so.


4. Keep all incense sticks away from kids and pets. Kids may play around with it and before you know it, that might just light it up. This won't be good at all. Keep them in places where they cannot reach it.


5. If you are burning incense sticks, keep your pets away. They may be sensitive to them.


6. Use a burner while burning an incense stick. The ash from the sticks will drop in them.


7. They are very good for mindfulness purposes.


8. Never leave a burning incense stick unattended. It isn't safe to do so.


Burning Incense Sticks
Here are the steps to properly burn incense sticks:
1. You will need an incense burner to burn incense sticks. This burner will collect the ash that falls from burning the sticks. Therefore, first, get a burner and place your incense stick in it.
2. Proceed to light the end of the incense stick with a matchstick or a lighter.
3. Allow it to burn for about 10 seconds.
4. Gently blow out the flame.
burning incense sticks
5. If the stick glows and starts emitting scented smoke, then you have successfully burned an incense stick. The fragrance would start filling the room little by little
6. Place the burner holding the incense stick in a suitable and safe location, away from children and pets. Also do not leave it close to the window. The breeze may blow it off
As you can see, burning incense sticks is relatively easy. Well, as long as you take precautions and follow the necessary safety measures, you are good to go.
Incense Burning Time
The burning time of incense sticks vary. However, it could be anything between fifty and ninety minutes. The good thing is that when an incense stick is finished or when it is done burning, it goes off by itself. If it is a very good product, the scent will linger for some hours.
Benefits Of Burning Incense Sticks
Burning incense sticks in your living area has quite a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:
1. They are used to combat anxiety and stress.
2. They are used for meditation purposes.
burning incense sticks
3. If you are having a hard time focusing, burning incense sticks can help you focus better.
4. It helps you to rest well and also aids a better sleep.
5. Using it for yoga brings a lot of results.
6. Incense sticks increase creativity.
7. They are very good for mindfulness purposes.
8. They purify your living space and make breathing enjoyable.
With all these wonderful benefits, don't you think you need to start burning incense sticks?
burning incense relaxation
Guidelines For Choosing Incense Sticks
If you are looking to start using incense sticks, here are some guidelines to help you make a good purchase:
1. Look out for a trusted brand. You don't want to buy products from illegal producers or distributors.
2. Make sure you buy a high-quality product.
3. Avoid products that have chemicals and other synthetic properties in them. These particular ones could be harmful to your health. As you know, incense sticks are meant to be burned and inhaled. You wouldn't want to inhale properties that would make you fall ill.
4. Check out the ingredients and know the particular fragrance you are buying. You could be allergic to a particular scent and may end up purchasing it without knowing. Go with a scent that you love.
At Incense Ocean, we produce high-quality incense sticks for you. Our customer service is seamless and what you see is what you get. Therefore, if you ever need to buy incense sticks and other incense products, shop from us!

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