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How To Use Incense In An Effective Way

Incense Inspiration

How To Use Incense In An Effective Way

The burning of Incense brings forth calmness and aromatic pleasing. The burning of Incense should not be in a chocked area; instead, it should be in a well-ventilated area so that you will avoid the risk of cardiovascular complications. It is advisable that whenever you are burning Incense, you don't have to leave it unattended to prevent trouble from occurring and try to check thoroughly if the Incense has gone off before you leave. 

Many people have been burning Incense over the years; youcan do the same in the comfort of your home. That can move you to ask thequestion: " How can we effectively use Incense?.

How To Effectively Use And Light Incense:
There are different ways to use Incense. But is it the right way? Read on to discover the answer.

Step 1:
• Using an incense stick, Smudge Stick, or Incense match:

Do you know that smudge sticks are one of the classiest incense sticks you can ever think of using? Tying white sage into a tight bundle is how you will get the most common type of smudge sticks.

It is primarily with Native American cleansing practices that smudge sticks are associated with, and it helps to provide a feeling of more vivacious and comfortable energy.

At the untied end is where you should light smudge sticks and leave the whole lot to start burning. To quell a flame, you have to smudge the post against a dish; then, you allow it to smoke. The sticks should be left at the side so that fire cannot get caught on it like; a ceramic dish or an ashtray. Try to create enough space before you start burning the smudge sticks.

Step 2:
• Create your smudge stick:

The sage branches should be tightly bundled together before they dry up. It helps the tied end to be equal in diameter to a nickel. The units you will use are the ones that are a bit shorter than your hand's length. The bundle can be tied in different locations, and to keep the piles very tight, you need to add a few times a finger width apart.

Keep the tied bundle upside down in the sun; it helps the bundle completely dry. It would be best to trim the ends of the branches once it has dried. It helps to tighten the bunch of sage about your palm.

Step 3:
• Use Incense stick and Incense burner:

Incense's most widely available form is the Incense sticks, and using them is very easy. Seeking out a local supplier for your incense stick is vital and try to make sure they are of high quality, non-toxic ingredients. Once you have found your source that has safe ingredients, you have to get an Incense burner, which helps ensure that while burning your Incense, it is also safe.

There are different décor for a stick Incense burner, but most of them have trays with a groove used for catching ash and a curved up end that a hole used in placing and Incense sticks.

Step 4:
• Use a lighter or match to light up your Incense sticks:

Leave the Incense stick for some minute so that it can burn to an extent before you blow it out. From the end of the rods, there should be a steady stream of aromatic flavor flowing. If you note that the stream has stopped, you have to relight the stick and leave it to burn longer before blowing it out.
If you desire to reduce the size of the ember because of how bright it is m, press the burning end of the sticks against the holder of Incense.

Step 5:
• Take note of low-quality Incense sticks:

There are two different main methods of producing incense sticks, and there are also other types of Incense sticks. When talking about dipped sticks, they are thin wooden sticks with an explosive coating mainly of wood pulp or charcoal, immersed in essential oils and dried.

The second is hand-rolled sticks made in a slightly different manner, but the product at the end is similar to dipped sticks. Their packaging does not necessarily consist of the list of all the ingredients which toxic glues or low-quality woods are included.

As there is no mandatory labelling of ingredients used in making incense sticks, it has made it hard for people to choose the sticks that are safe to use. Since it's difficult to know if the products used to make Incense are safe, you can look for the packaging that shows that the product is non-toxic. And look out for Incense that produces a natural scent.

Step 6:
• Incense match- should be used:

It is effortless to use incense match because they are very miniature incense sticks that come along with cardboard matches and will be sold in matchbooks. Although, the ingredients used in making incense sticks is not stated. But, if you long to use an incense match while striking the game, let it be some meters away from you and hold it in vertical, then leave it to burn for about a quarter of an inch down.

Set your match in an inflammable position when you blow the matches out like a small dish or an ashtray. If you want the game to burn more steadily, you have to prop the game against something inflammable within the container. If you want more ventilation, It is best to open your windows before lighting your Incense. Or you can otherwise use an air purifier.


If you are looking for how to be calm, try using Incense, and it also has a well soothing aromatic, pleasant saint. The above is how you can effectively use your Incense which is not difficult to use. Follow those ways and bring out the life of your incense sticks. Try not to forget about ventilation; it is vital, and if opening the windows does not bring enough ventilation, try to add it up with an air purifier.

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