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Incense holders are items created to hold incense while it is burning and also when it isn't. Incense holders come in different shapes. They can be flat and boat-like or curved. In fact, one of the first items used to burn incense was an incense holder. A kettle recovered from the Ancient Egyptian era is said to have been an incense holder. Incense holders serve an aesthetic and functional purpose for incense.

Incense is an aromatic material that serves many purposes. While its most popular purpose is in reference to its history with spirituality, incense is not always about spirituality. Some people burn incense to dispel bad odours. It's actually quite functional in a situation like that because incense burns for about 45 minutes and the smell linger for much longer.

Incense is truly a versatile item that has changed the lives of many people, spiritually and mentally. Incense has been in existence for thousands of years and we have proof of Ancient Egyptians and royals of theChinese dynasties burning incense during spiritual and religious activities.

alloy copper incense holder

Incense holders are important items for proper handling of incense. If you're thinking why should you handle incense properly. Well, here are a few reasons. 

1. Handling incense properly is first and foremost necessary for safety. Incense holders are designed to hold incense in the safest way possible. 

2. Incense holders help reduce the spread of ash. Ash is the substance left behind after your incense burns. It is black, powdery and can stain surfaces if ignored for a long time. If you don't have an incense holder you'll have to deal with ash all over the surface you placed the incense on. 

3. Incense holders also help you get the most out of your incense. Incense holders usually hold the incense at an angle that releases the smoke upwards or in some cases downwards. Either way the smoke is released in such a way that it permeates the atmosphere faster. Without an incense burner, a lot of incense will go to waste because flat surfaces are not the best for holding incense.

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Chinese Hanging Backflow Incense Holder
ceramic incense holder
ceramic incense holder

Incense holders are not to be mistaken for incense burners. While they both share certain similarities, incense holders and incense burners are not the same thing.

1. Incense holders are not designed to burn incense the way incense burners are. Incense holders can hold burning incense but only a few can function like incense burners.

2. Incense holders often have very simple designs while incense burners have more complicated designs. Incense Ocean is working to change that, however. At Incense Ocean we strive to provide products of the best quality at all times. Our Alloy Copper Incense Holder holds incense sticks and before we forget, the design is absolutely beautiful.

alloy copper incense holder

There are many types of incense burners however we will be focusing on the main three types.

1. Stick Incense Holder- Incense sticks are the most popular types of incense. They are sold and used all around the world. There are also very likely the first types of incense to ever be used.Incense sticks have wooden cores (the stick) with the incense materials wrapped around it. Incense stick holders can be boat-shaped, flat, kettle shaped, or bowl-shaped.

The Alloy Copper Incense Holder from Incense Ocean is an alloy bowl with an engraved cover. It has a holder for the incense located in the middle of the bowl. This holder grips the end of the incense stick and releases the smoke upwards. Once you're done with this bowl you can clean it and cover it till the next time you need it.

2. Cone Incense Holder - Cone incense holders are specially designed to hold comes. The incense holders for incense sticks will probably not be able to hold an incense cone. This is because of the shape of the incense cones. The stick and the cone are two very different designs therefore they do not fit into the same holes. This is why cone incense holders were created.

Cone incense holders come in all forms. Some cone incense holders even offer the backflow feature. If you don't know what the backflow feature is, it is when the smoke from incense pours downwards. This creates a very pleasing effect that is nice to see. For example, Incense Ocean's Ceramic Backflow Incense holder is a special holder that is also a backflow holder.

This holder has a hole at the top where the incense cone is placed. Once the cone starts burning, the smoke cascades down the rocks on the walls of the holder. This in addition to the blue color of the holder makes it a sight to behold.

coin incense holder

3. Coil Incense Holder - The coil Incense holder is a holder designed to hold the coil. The coil Incense is a popular design just like the incense stick. Incense Ocean offers the Chinese Backflow Incense holder specifically for incense coils. The ball that holds the coil is levitated in the air by a metal stand designed to look like a wooden vine. The design of this holder is heavily inspired by trees and nature. The ball which is meant to represent a fruit holds the coil and the smoke comes out from the intricate holes carved into the ball.

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coil incense holder

If you need an incense holder for your incense sticks, incense cones, or incense coils, check out Incense Ocean for all things incense. We offer incense holders, incense burners, and incense itself. Our products are of the highest quality and are very affordable because we want them to be very accessible to all.

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