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Incense waterfall burners or incense waterfall is a term used to describe burners that have a waterfall effect. The waterfall effect is when the smoke cascades down the burner like a waterfall. In this situation, the smoke actually looks like water. Some companies even go the extra mile to produce burners that are stream or water-themed in order to tie in the waterfall effect. 

Incense waterfall burners are really fascinating to watch. Their visual appeal is one of the main reasons they are so coveted. Incense waterfall burners are preferred for large spaces or public spaces because of their ability to dispense smoke quickly.

Incense is an aromatic material that produces a pleasant smell when burned. Incense is known for its functional, spiritual, and also aesthetic uses. The pleasant smell of incense is also used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a form of therapy in which the sense of smell is heavily catered to. In Aromatherapy, incense and essential oils are used amongst other items. Incense production is very organic and natural.

Incense Ocean's incense which you can find here. Materials used to make our incense sticks, cones, powders, and coils include resin, barks, flowers, seed, and roots. Our ingredients are completely plant-based because we understand the symbolic nature of incense. We want to keep it as pure as possible for any purposes they might be intended for.

Burning incense has a whole host of benefits, some of which are;

natural sandalwood backflow cones
Natural Chinese Incense Cones
Fragrance Backflow Incense Cones

1. Burning incense is helpful for those who struggle with feelings of anxiousness and panic. Incense waterfalls can also be very helpful in this situation, especially visual ones. By focusing on the motion of the smoke, you can calm down enough to continue about your day. The pleasing combination of smell and sight is wonderful for tight nerves.


2. Burning incense is great for repelling odors and well as insects. A lot of people are unaware that you could use incense to clear the air. Some incense products are also tailored towards repelling insects.


3. Burning incense is great for yoga and meditation practices. The use of incense helps to calm the mind and put you in a better and more relaxed state so that you can completely enjoy your practice.


incense for yoga medidation, creativity

4. Burning incense can help increase concentration, motivation, and creativity. All these start in the mind and the burning of incense can help calm your mind. 


Incense waterfall burners are beautiful but they should be handled properly.  Many people do not know how to burn incense and how to handle it. Keep incense waterfall burners out of the reach of kids and pets. If you're going to burn incense in a room with either kids or pets make sure the windows are cracked open so the smoke doesn't become too intense for them to handle. Incense waterfall burners should be cleaned before use. If you want to use your incense waterfall burner just follow these easy steps;


1. Place your incense waterfall burner on a flat and stable surface.


2. Place your incense cone on the waterfall hole.


3. Light it up at the point facing upwards for anywhere between 5-9 seconds.


4. Blow or fan the flames off.


5. Once this is done, the waterfall effect should begin in a minute or so.


6. It is important to remember not to leave the flames going. Incense waterfall burners do not need constant heat to function if they are using incense cones. If you're using incense sticks or incense coils then the situation may be different. Be sure to read the instructions always.

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Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner with Cover
The Little Monk Incense Burner
Zen Kung Fu Monk Incense Burner

While Incense waterfall burners are nice at home, they really shine in public spaces. If you run a tea shop, crystal shop, yoga studio, meditation studio or even a tai chi studio, you can use incense waterfall burners to light up the aura of your business and have your space smelling great all day.  Manomano discount codes are possibly the best way to  while staying at home.


Incense waterfall burners and incense backflow burners are not the same thing. They do have many similarities because they are both very heavy on the visual appeal of incense however there is one major difference;


1. Incense waterfall burners always mimic waterfalls while incense backflow burners release smoke downwards. If you're a fan of the visual appeal then you should definitely opt for an incense waterfall burner.


Other than incense backflow burners, incense can also be placed in regular burners, coil burners and even incense holders. If you're interested in these items, check out Incense Ocean's top of the line incense products. 


Chinese Hanging Backflow Incense Holder
Alloy Copper Incense Holder

Incense waterfall burners are awesome alternatives to traditional burners. Whether you're trying to explore more incense burnersor fascinated by the idea of an incense waterfall burner, Incense Ocean has the absolute best incense waterfall burners you could get. Our incense waterfall burners are affordable and come in various designs. 


Incense Ocean is a company dedicated to all things incense. Our incense collection contains various incense waterfall burners, each unique in its own way. If you need an incense waterfall burner don't hesitate to check out our collection here. Our Waterfall Incense Burner - The Monkey King is a salute to the monkey king and the energy of the monkey king. 


All our designs are carefully thought out. You can see this in the choice of our designs. If you're interested in a design that's more spiritual, check out our Buddha Incense Burner and if you're more interested in seeing the incense waterfall in action check out our Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner with cover and Teahouse Decor Waterfall Incense Burner. Try out our awesome incense waterfall burners and watch the magic unfold.

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Buddha Incense Burner