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Mistakes To Avoid When Using Incense

Incense Inspiration

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Incense

Incense is a beautiful substance however, there are safety protocols that must be followed when using incense. In this article, we'll outline nine mistakes to avoid when using incense.


1. Flammability - Flammability is one of the most important safety concerns when burning incense.It is important to remember that incense is a flammable item therefore it must be treated as such. Incense is flammable because it usually has either charcoal or a petroleumbase. This is what lets us burn incense and enjoy the fragrance. Do not forget that incense is flammable therefore it should be kept away from other flammable materials like gas or petroleum. It should also be kept away fromclothing materials especially cotton and nylon as the flames can damage these items irreparably.



2. Correct Method for Burning Incense - When burning incense you need to take three things into consideration, the location, the type of incensebeing burned, and the equipment available. Not all incense types need incense holders or burners however, most of them do. Incense sticks can be placed on a tile or a flat ceramic plate if there are no incense holders. Thesame thing goes for incense coils. Incense cones and incense powder on the other hand cannot be burnt without incense burners. Incense cones and incense powder need incense burners to burn effectively and safely. If you'reinterested in purchasing incense burners at affordable prices please click here.


burning incense

3. Mixing of Scents - While this is not a safety hazard it can be very uncomfortable and unpleasant to witness. Not all incense scents can bemixed. If you want to try a mix of incense scents you can try out our Mixed Natural Scent Incense Cones. This is a carefully curated mix of incense scents. Most people prefer separate scents but don't enjoy them together. If you have two or threeincense scents you absolutely adore and are considering burning them at the same time, consider taking a step back and opting for already present mixed scents like the one linked above.


Mixed Natural Scent Incense Cones
Mixed Natural Scent Incense Cones
Mixed Natural Scent Incense Cones

4. The Difference Between Incense Burners and Incense Holders - If you're a new incense user it can be easy to assume incense burners and incense holders can be used interchangeably. This is not true. They are different and serve different purposes. Incense Burners areprimarily used for incense cones because cones need the burners to burn effectively. Incense holders on the other hand are primarily used for incense sticks. Incense sticks do not need incense burners however they need incenseholders.


Incense holders are effective for two main reasons. The first reason is that they are safe ways to burn incense sticks and the second reason is that they offer an easy and cleaner wayto clean up the charcoal that remains when the incense is completely extinguished. Incense holders usually collect the charcoal into the bowl which makes cleaning much easier.

Nepalese Classic Metal Incense Holder
Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner with Cover

5. Location - Your location dictates how effective your incense will be in several ways.


● The first way your location dictates the impact of incense is through the space available. If you live in a larger space, there's a chance you'll burn more incense thansomeone who lives in a smaller space.


● Your location also entails ventilation. If you have very poor ventilation, the incense fragrance will soon become overwhelming and unbearable. On the flip side, if you have toomuch ventilation, the fragrance will be wasted. It's important to strike a balance. This might result in opening or closing some windows and opening or closing some doors. Ventilation is important when burning incense.You want to ensure your incense flows in the direction that brings air into your space not out of your space.      

incense at home

6. Keep Away From Kids and Pets - It's important to keep incense away from kids and pets. Especially if the selected scent is a soft andalluring one like lavender or rose. These scents are pleasing to the majority and they will definitely entice pets and kids. Keep incense out of the reach of kids and pets.


7. When to Touch Incense - The only time you should touch incense, incense holders, and incense burners is before it has been lit and at least2-3 hours after it has been extinguished. Incense is essentially burning to produce the desired fragrance therefore it will be extremely hot. It doesn't matter whether it's in a holder or a burner, do not touch it.It is also important to wait before disposing of the charcoal remnants. The charcoal remnants are often hot therefore you should wait a few hours before disposing to avoid the potential damage to your trash can.


8. Pre-existing health complications - If any of these conditions apply to you please contact a medical doctor before using incense. Peoplewith respiratory complications are often advised to steer clear of intense fragrances or strain on their respiratory system. If you have asthma, you should contact your medical doctor before attempting to use incense. If yousuffer from a respiratory illness, you should also seek professional advice before using incense. Due to the nature of incense, it is important to ensure that there are either no possible side effects or no pre-existing respiratoryproblems.


incense spiritual

9. Other Health Conditions - If you are pregnant you should contact your doctor or gynecologist before using incense. It is important to notethat people's bodies are different so while there are pregnant people who use incense with no side effects, it is important to seek a professional opinion before attempting to use incense.


A person under the influence of mind-altering substances or herbs should not burn incense as both materials may not mix well. It is important to prioritize safety in these situations.


Here are some of the mistakes to avoid while burning incense. This article will be useful for first-time users as well as other users who may be in new circumstances or environmentsthat demand change. If you're ever wondering whether an action is safe to perform whilst burning incense you can simply return to this article for guidance.


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