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Introducing Our New Incense Burner Arrivals.

Incense Inspiration

Introducing Our New Incense Burner Arrivals.

Do you need new incense burners? Have you been scouring for beautiful incense burners that are accessible and of satisfactory quality? Then this is the article for you. Incense Ocean just released two top-tier incense burners that are exciting and fun to you.

Examine our new incense burners;


1. Ceramic Elephant Incense Burner - This burner is a cone incense burner. This means it's specifically built for incense cones. If you enjoy Buddhist imagery and spiritual imagery,you will enjoy the Ceramic Elephant Incense Burner. This burner features the deep earthy tones of ceramic. The image is of a majestic elephant standing upon a rock. The incense cone is strategically placed on top of the elephant'shead to signify the power of the mind chakra. The Ceramic Elephant Incense Burner features the beautiful vision of incense cascading down the body of the elephant. This is very pleasing to see and can be a great tool for breathingand meditation. This is also wonderful for creativity


Ceramic Elephant Incense Burner
Ceramic Elephant Incense Burner
Ceramic Elephant Incense Burner

If you enjoy animal Buddhism imagery, then this is undoubtedly the incense burner for you. Try it out with your favorite scents and watch the magic happen.


2. Elephant Statue Waterfall Incense Burner - While the Elephant Statue Waterfall Incense Burner also features an elephant, the incense cone lies in the stomach chakra. The stomachchakra and the throat chakra are where we hold a lot of tension. If you need assistance or a visual reminder to work on your stomach chakra, the Elephant Statue Waterfall Incense Burner will be of utmost help.


The imagery of a transparent blue orb resting at the center of this waterfall incense burner Is both beautiful and symbolic.


Elephant Statue Waterfall Incense Burner
Elephant Statue Waterfall Incense Burner
Elephant Statue Waterfall Incense Burner

Try out these terrific incense burners and tap into the robust history of incense. Here is an article that will guide you on how to use these incense burners. To access it, click here. Incense, which has been used for centuries, has many vast benefits. Let's take a look at them.


1. Repelling Bad Smells and Bugs - Although it is not well known, incense is actually a really good insect repeller. It can repel evil spirits as well as annoying bugs! There are specific scents that you can purchase to repel mosquitoes and otherbugs. Incense can also cover up bad smells, just like an air freshener. If you prefer more natural products in your home, then you should definitely opt for incense to dispel bad smells. Incense is very good at this for tworeasons - the first is that incense has a very robust smell, and the second is that an average-sized incense stick can release fragrances that will stay in the air for up to twenty-four hours.


incense smokes

2. Meditation - One of the most prominent uses for incense is meditation. Meditation is the act of being introspective.The mixture of the aroma and the calm of meditation is extremely special. When incense is burned, it releases a pleasant and full aroma into the air that has the ability to soothe the person meditating. When meditating, itmay take a while to settle and get into the right headspace. This is because most of us lead very busy lives and when meditating, thoughts will often intrude and come into our heads. The aroma of a smell you find soothingand calming can be very helpful. Another tip for those who may struggle with meditation is to simply practice. Meditation can be seen as a muscle. So, work that muscle!


incense meditation

3. Aromatherapy - The use of incense is very notable in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a method of alternative treatmentthat uses various fragrant plants and substances to cater to the biological and physiological good of clients. Incense and essential oils are the two most used items in the practice of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is used totreat feelings of anxiety, melancholy, stress, and similar diagnoses. You can liken aromatherapy to meditation because it also involves connecting with the breath. It is important to note that meditation is simply a methodused in aromatherapy. It does not even begin to cover the vast field of aromatherapy.



4. Religious and Spiritual Practices - For millenia, incense has been used for sacred practices and purposes. In fact, many scholars argue that the first use for incense was actually spiritual. The oldest incense lamp available to us is a lamp usedin Ancient Egypt for spiritual purposes. Ancient Egyptians used incense during rites to placate deities and to safeguard themselves from violent spirits.


In later years, Ancient Chinese people of several Chinese dynasties used incense during religious sermons, and they would also build temple-like buildings around the dynasties for occasionsthat demanded the use of incense. To the present date, incense is still burned in some forms of Christianity, Islam as well as Buddhism. During religious use of incense, the priest or figure in charge would burn incense duringprayer.


Religious and Spiritual Practices

5. The Aesthetic Appeal - Last but certainly not the least, incense is also burned for the aesthetic appeal. This isbecause incense usually has a pleasing smell. Incense sticks, cones, and powders come in many pleasant scents. As long as you choose a scent you like, it will be a very pleasurable experience. Some people simply like the smellof the perfume fragrance incense has and opt to use it in place of other air cleansers. You can find this happening in public places such as yoga studios, tea shops, or even malls.


These are some of the most prominent uses of incense. When using incense, you stand to gain a lot of benefits such as;


1. Incense can help with feelings of melancholy and anxiety

2. Incense is a great relaxant

3. The scent of the incense is robust and pleasing.

4. Incense is used to attain better and deeper sleep cycles which is important and affects our day-to-day life.

5. Incense has numerous spiritual and religious uses.

6. There are certain scents of incense you should use when encountering particular issues. You can read more about it in our articles here and here. You will find them very helpful.             

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