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Reasons of loving backflow cones

Incense Inspiration

Reasons of loving backflow cones

Backflow cones or backflow incense cones are just as the name suggests. Backflow cones are cone shaped incense. In backflow cones, the incense smoke flows in the other direction as opposed to other types of incense cones. In this situation the smoke from the incense burners flow downwards instead of upwards. This is as a result of the backflow incense burner that is designed to ensure the smoke flows in such a way.

Incense is an aromatic material derived from natural resources like plants, trees and flowers. Incense is meaningful to several cultures for different reasons. One reason we can fully trace is religion and spirituality. The oldest incense burner we can trace is one used during in Ancient Egypt. It is a simple kettle and we know that the priests and magicians used incense because it chased out the evil spirits and welcomed the benevolent spirits. This may be because of the pleasant smell or perhaps there are spiritual qualities of incense that we have yet to understand.  

Natural Chinese Incense Cones
Natural Chinese Incense Cones
Natural Chinese Incense Cones

Incense can be used in aromatherapy, public spaces, yoga studios, tea shops as well as a host of other locations. Incense cones in several types. The most recognised types would be the incense sticks and the incense cones however there are actually four major types of incense.

Incense sticks - These are simply sticks with incense paste rubbed around the outer layer of the wood. Woods such as bamboo and sandalwood are often coveted for the production of incense sticks.

Incense powder- Incense powder is simply a incense in powder form. This is likely very concentrated and the most potent of incense available. It is also the closest to the original form of incense. It is simply incense in powder form. It is smooth, free to rough or sharp pieces and ground into a fine texture.

incense powder

Incense coils - Incense coils like incense sticks are coils with a coating of incense around the outer layer.

Incense cones- Last but certainly not the least we have the incense cones. Incense cones are tightly packed incense. They come in cone shapes and are especially useful for waterfall as well as backflow incense burners.

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Incense cones are a favourite of owners of backflow incense burners. Incense cones come with many benefits some of which include;

1. Safety - Due to the shape and design of incense cones they are much safer to use. Unlike incense sticks and incense coils, incense cones need burners. This means there's very little chance for accidents because the burners are safer than simply placing the incense on a flat surface or in a simple holder.

2. Incense cones last just as long as incense sticks. There is a misconception that incense cones do not last long due to their shape and how they burn. This is not true.

3. Incense cones release the scent of the incense much faster than other types of incense due to the way it's packed and design. You start perceiving the scent almost immediately with incense cones.

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Backflow cones are a type of incense cone. These cones are specially created for backflow incense burners. Backflow incense burners are burners that use backflow cones. These burners release the smoke from the incense downwards and usually onto a design that highlights and beautifies the incense smoke. Incense Ocean has many cool backflow incense burners that you can check out here. There are backflow incense burners inspired by streams, fruits, dragons and even Buddha. This is one the perks of backflow incense burners. When properly designed they are usually very lovely and they can elevate your incense experience.

Backflow incense cones can be used in three easy steps.

1. Place your backflow cone into the designated spot in your backflow incense burner.

2. Light up the tip for 4-7 seconds before putting out the flames.

3. Wait a minute and a few seconds for the effect to begin.

incense cones yellow

Backflow cones are very easy to use as long as you have a backflow incense burner. If you're on the fence on whether you should purchase a backflow incense burner, here are three reasons you should!

1. The incense actually permeates the air faster when you use a backflow incense burner. This is because of how the smoke passes through the burner.

2. Backflow incense burners are perfect for larger establishments for two reasons. One, it's a great piece of decoration that looks good and second, it keeps the air smelling fresh and nice.

3. Finally, backflow incense burners are absolutely wonderful to watch. If you're a visual person you'll definitely enjoy the easy moving smoke. This is actually one of the main reasons people invest in backflow incense burners!

Backflow cones are the cones designed for backflow incense burners. There are several types of incense cones as we previously explained and it's important that you get backflow cones of the best quality and backflow cones that are actually meant for backflow incense burners. Incense Ocean offers the ultimate backflow cone available in several scentz.

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The Fragrance Backflow Incense cones are a collection of cones available at the Incense Oceanshop. They come in five flavours depending on your mood.

Ocean - If you're a fan of the smell of the ocean, smooth, cold and fresh then you'll love this scent!

Lavender - If you're unsure about what scent to get you can't go wrong with lavender. Thelavender scent is derived from lavender plants. Lavender has nausea relieving properties as well as other soothing properties which makes it great for beginners.

Jasmine - The jasmine scent smells just like the flower. Happy and calm at the same time!

Rose - If you're in the mood for some self-care, self-love or even romance then the rose scent is perfect for you. Rose is a popular scent and flower regularly associated with love.

 Mixed - We also offer a mixed scent. This scent contains the scents above. This mixture is carefully and specially designed to be sweet without cloying and calm without being too subtle. If you can't make a decision then simply choose the mixed scent for your backflow cones. This way you can enjoy the best of all four scents.

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